Isisthescientist is an online platform that provides technology-based information. And, we render the online readers with required solutions that might help them to overcome tech glitches with ease. 

All the tech-savvy people keep an eye on our website for getting sufficient knowledge about the latest gadgets, software updates, and to resolve issues associated with it.

And, if you have sufficient tech-based knowledge and want to enlighten our viewers with your effective writing skills, we would suggest you join our renowned online platform. Be a part of our website, write for us and your contribution will be highly appreciated. 

Why Should One Write for Isisthescientist

We mainly deal with the latest upcoming trends and gadgets that will be useful for the readers. Additionally, we provide knowledge about the issues that might get triggered in the long run after using gadgets.

And, we encourage all the content writers who are highly experienced and interested in this domain to write for us. Additionally, we appreciate all the writers who have high skill in writing guest posts as well. The prime goal of a writer is to engage the reader with impressive articles. 

Guest Posts We Deal with

Isisthescientist appreciates the writers who have efficiency in writing guest posts. Moreover, we only deal with tech-based guest posts. And, the writers need to make it informative and precise to attract more viewers. 

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Who Can Work With Isisthescientist

Everyone who is engaged with content-writing can contribute their valuable writings on our online platform. Moreover, writing for us will intensity one’s technological knowledge and experience regarding a tech-based website.

Guidelines Need to Follow While Writing for Us

We only offer valuable, useful, and tech-based updates and solutions for our tech-savvy readers. The interested content writers have to follow certain instructions for writing for our online platform. Moreover, make sure you have maintained all the guidelines before you choose to submit a guest post in Isisthescientists.

  • First and foremost, the content needs to be plagiarism-free. And we don’t appreciate even 1 % plag if you write for us. 
  • Additionally, make sure you have chosen a reliable and correct article or website as a reference to write the given topic. 
  • Moreover, the content writers need to make short paragraphs instead of keeping long paragraphs in the article or guest post.
  • Furthermore, if you are not sure about certain information, don’t provide that in the articles. Because this might mislead online readers. 
  • The content needs to be simple and there should be no grammatical mistakes. 

How to Submit a Guest Post?

Once you are done with writing the guest post, now all you have to do is move to the “Contact Us” section or email us at: [email protected]. Fill up the form with the required information. Based on your given details, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.