Continue your Work from Home with 5 Best Affordable Laptops

The effect of the pandemic crisis is still not over. That is why most of the organizations are still now closed. The employees are also working from home. So, as the work from home continues to exist, you need to opt for a laptop that can help you with your daily work and would be affordable at the same time. Moreover, Laptop repair Dubai can assist you, in case, your present laptop encounters any technical glitch.

So, let’s check out the best laptops if you are willing to buy one, in 2020.

Minimum Requirements of a Laptop 

In order to work from home, obviously, a laptop will be a mandatory item. That is why you should know the minimum requirements of the system. According to the expert analysis, they have come up with the statistics. The CPU must be Intel Core i3 with the volatile memory of 4 GigaBytes. The non-volatile memory must start from 128 GigaBytes to 500 GigaBytes. 

If necessary, you can expand it to 1 Terabyte. The minimum OS must be Windows 8. If you are interested in using the Macintosh OS, then macOS X Mojave will be better. Choose a laptop that can give a battery backup that will last up to a minimum time of 5 hours. 

The Affordable Laptops

Coming to the details of the most affordable laptops, you need to opt for such a device that will fulfil most of your needs. Read and observe the specifications with all the details of the device and then choose one. 

1. Apple MacBook Pro 16

Amongst all the Macbook, the Pro 16 is the affordable one. The CPU comes with a clock rate of 2.6 GHz that has the Intel Core i7 9th generation processor. The volatile memory (RAM) is 16 GB. This device has the SSD which will provide you with the blazing-fast execution speed and power. The GPU is of AMD Radeon Pro 5300M. Apple is very much famous for its retina display and you will get one with this device. With the help of this device, you will be able to experience the multimedia items in detail.

2. Dell XPS 15

The newly launched laptop from Dell is gradually gaining more attention amongst the customers in this pandemic. The CPU comes with 4.1 GHz and the processor is of Intel Core i7. The RAM is 16 GB and the disk storage space comes with 512 GB SSD. Dell has played clever tactics of providing the SSD instead of HDD. 

They know that the performance of the SSD is more efficient than that of HDD. Hopefully, this will make the laptop work faster. The device is very much lightweight and thin. That is why you will not face any difficulties in carrying it. The display supports 4K Ultra HD video which will give you the rich taste in experiencing the multimedia items. 

3. Lenovo Thinkpad E14

The durable design of the laptop has caught many people’s attention in the past few months. With the dedicated and integrated graphics, the device is powered by Intel Core i3 processor that has the clock-rate of 2.1 GHz. The RAM is 4GB. The laptop’s data execution power will be superb as it contains SSD. 

The size of the display is 14 inch and has the resolution of 1080p full HD. The laptop comes with the genuine Windows 10 and the device weighs near about 1.5 kg. It might be quite heavy for you to carry but the features will fulfil all of your requirements, as well as give you the value for money. 

4. Dell Inspiron 3593

With the power of Intel Core i3 10th generation processor, the laptop is very much recommended by the experts of laptop repair Dubai. Whatever your work be, the powerful Intel 10th generation processor will handle any type of heavy tasks with ease. In this device, Dell is offering people the best-in-class features. In this device, the display is playing the most important role. 

It is an anti-glare coated display and will not affect your eyes. Therefore, when you are working for a longer period of time, you will never feel stressed. The volatile memory comes with 4GB DDR3 and the secondary memory is of 1 TB SSD. As usual, the lightweight design will help you to carry the device easily. 

5. Asus VivoBook 14

The Asus VivoBook might be the only laptop that supports fast charging just like smartphones. It also has a lightweight and compact design with an attractive look. If you are a busy person in terms of work, the experts of laptop repair Dubai suggests you should opt for this device. The full HD 14-inch display will take your entertainment to the next level. Moreover, the device also supports HDMI, Bluetooth 4.2, Sd card reader, USB 3.2, 2.0 type C slots. 

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Which one will you choose?

After going through all the details of the laptops, you might feel confused about choosing the best one. So, in such cases, you must know what type works and OS you should use. Compare the software compatibility one by one. When you reach a particular solution, then only buy it. 

You can buy it from the retail stores or online. In the case of online, make sure you check whether all the accessories are present in the box or not. If you see any of the items are missing from the box, immediately avail of the return policy. And, if you confront any problem then Laptop repair Dubai can help you sort them.