Why You Should Take Advantage of Social Media As A Marketing Tool In 2020?

Social media has become synonymous with marketing and both go hand-in-hand in today’s business world. It has now become a staple of digital marketing for businesses of all sizes and forms, regardless of their audiences and industries. It is estimated that 3.5 billion people will use social media networks in 2020. This covers almost 40 percent of the global population.

A number of business owners and entrepreneurs from different markets have started realizing the potential social media marketing offers. For those who are not yet convinced, this guide explains why you should use social media as your marketing tool in 2020.

1. Reach Target Audience

Recent research suggests that social media networks have become a go-to resource for information for young users. The increasing use of social media among different age groups indicates a feature that allows businesses to target specific groups of users.

Consider Facebook where communities are being made every day with Pages and Groups focused on particular topics come up every minute.

As a digital marketer or business owner, you can connect with members of the groups that relate to your niche and build relationships by sharing valuable content, inform them of what you are offering them and build trust so that they can convert into sales.

2. Interact With Customers

Social media channels offer hundreds of ways to interact with customers in 2020. Users can now directly interact with brands by liking their posts, tagging, making comments, rating products, taking surveys and booking online. Businesses can employ the right procedures to leverage such interaction to engage with their target customers.

With social media platforms, business owners have a better communication method as compared to any other traditional mode of advertising. More you can interact directly with the customers, the more trust is built, converting users into loyal, long-term customers.

3. Increase The Reach

Social media channels in 2020 make the experience interesting for users by allowing them to like, share, comment, repost, retweet and engage in other forms of interaction.

Such actions are more powerful today because users receive likes and shares for their content not only from direct connections but also from their networks and subscribers.

Such forms of social media use mean any content can go viral and spread exponentially to reach wider audiences. Today, exchanges are made more public through news feeds which ultimately reach the general public.

When your content goes viral, it reaches more and more users who may be interested in your product, service or brand and drive genuine traffic to your sales pages to generate revenue. hrough the use of social media, you can also advertise and attract a larger audience to your page and your website. The addition of a PPC Agency can help set up Facebook advertising to ensure that you are targeting the correct audience and help to increase the reach of your business.

4. Leverage the Power of Influencers

One of the biggest trends of social media marketing in 2020 is influencers and word-of-mouth marketing. Building communities help you to engage with influencers who promote your business by sharing honest reviews and experiences for the products and services.

Influencers have been a significant part of social media marketing for a while but they are, now, dominating the overall experience on these networks.

They can benefit you in amazing ways like a high-earned media value particularly with the rise of Instagram usage.

According to Nitreo, the smaller influencers have better relationships with followers and have a higher level of trust which means you can get more engagement at a lower cost.

5. Incorporate Social Listening

Social media allows brands to monitor social conversations around a particular topic. Social listening allows you to understand what is important for your audience and identify what trends they are following. You can easily learn what they are struggling with and create content that suits their needs and interests.

Social listening tools would make it easy for brands to gain meaningful insights to refine business strategies. You can also understand the impact of any marketing campaign and the perception of the brand through social listening, making it an integral part of business strategies today.

6. Gain Customer Trust

A survey indicates that 90 percent of users say they trust what people they know say about a business or brand, service or product and are likely to follow their recommendations.

This suggests that people value the opinions of people they are connected with. It is an indication that opinion is quite powerful on social media.

Such buying behaviour was prevalent long before any online business existed and has become an effective way digital marketers and business owners can gain powerful results out of their marketing efforts.

7. Increase the Sales

The power of building trust as emphasized above results in a considerable increase in sales. Research suggests that up to 77 percent consumers are likely to buy a product or service if the details they get about it come from their friends and families.

Another report says 81% people would make a purchase only after being influenced by what their social media connections share. Leveraging the power of social media marketing can thus help you boost your sales from your marketing campaigns.

8. Benefit From Communities

The growth of social media communities has become more popular than ever before. The way the brands engage with the audience forms a big part of valuable experiences on these networks. It is crucial for businesses to stay in touch with the audiences and measure their efforts through analytics. You can build social media groups and create content that encourages conversations. This would not only keep them engaged with your brand but also attract more customers while adding value to your identity.

9. Use Social Media For Customer Service

Customer service, today, is not only an important aspect of customer satisfaction but is also more visible online.

Customer reviews, issues, and complaints are easier to find as a lot of them share them on social media. A huge percentage of customers have already been using social media to communicate with businesses.

As social media is so convenient, brands can use it as an easy way to provide customer service. With so many brands creating online communities, this trend is likely to be strong in 2020.

Not only is social media a great way to interact with customers and resolve concerns but it offers a lot of benefits to brands. Addressing a complaint can increase advocacy and build loyal customers.