Why is PC gaming still a thing?

Welcome to the world of gaming! Throughout the years, the gaming industry has been dominated by gaming consoles. These consoles are convenient, offer better games, and the experience is worthwhile. Recently, PlayStation and Xbox launched their own consoles. The new generation of gaming is here! PlayStation launched PS5 and Xbox has launched Xbox Series X. The rivalry is set to take new avenues in the next decade. This rivalry isn’t new. We have been seeing it for quite a while.

However, despite the rivalry, you will find PC gaming still making highlights and staying relevant. This possess a question. Amidst the console-rivalry, why has PC gaming been relevant all these years?

Well, there is a lot of things PC gaming does differently than the consoles. It is a preferred choice for online and offline gaming. Surprisingly, all online gaming stems from PCs. Back in the days, when the internet wasn’t up to the mark, we were still used to playing Counter Striker 1.6. Now, when we get blazing-fast speeds from Spectrum silver packages and bundles, the experience has become a lot better.

In this article, we will discuss all the reasons why PC gaming is still a thing:

PC Gaming offers better frames per second

The gaming consoles have joined the party very late. Computers have better on paper and off-paper specifications. This has been the case for quite a while. When you play any game, the frames per second matter a lot. Systems that can ensure better frame rate run games smoothly. With better frames per second, you will see a smooth transition between characters and action scenes. The immersive experience we crave is there and games look better overall.

PC Gaming offers better resolution

The customization that comes with computers can help a lot in getting better resolutions. A console generally works on full-HD or 4K but when they do, they work on lower FPS. This kills the purpose of it. Conversely, the games running on a computer that does both. They can run on the highest resolution possible without compromising on the frame rate. This makes PC gaming far ahead of any other competitor in the gaming industry. It’s a dream of every one person that loves gaming to experience ultra-HD graphics and gameplay. It can only be achieved with a desktop computer.


Gaming consoles come and go. There older consoles are taken over by the next-generation consoles. The pattern is evident ever since the launch of PlayStation 1. Now, we have PlayStation 5 in the market. However, the world of computers works differently. The customization portion is highly effective and fun. Now, if you have an old system, you can upgrade it by changing the hardware without even needing to purchase a new computer. As soon as there is a new technology in the market, you can just take the older one out of your computer and place new hardware. This helps computer gamers to build machines with super-fast processors and ultra-HD graphics. Customization and the ability to cope up with the new technology make PC gaming a lot relevant.

Backward Compatibility

In the world of consoles, backward compatibility is presented as an extra feature. There is a limited library of games to choose from. However, if you have a PC, you can play any game from your childhood. There is a huge library of offline and online games on different platforms that you can download on your gaming PC. Therefore, PC gaming is still relevant when it comes to retro gaming.


Like every other platform, PC gaming faces a lot of challenges. Here are some of those challenges:


All the perks involved with PC gaming come with a price. To be fair, not everyone can afford a gaming PC. It takes a lot of effort, money, and time to build the computer of your dreams. If you want a high-end computer, you are looking at $1000 to even $3000. Consoles perform better in terms of pricing.


Many games are limited to just consoles. These games never make it to the PC platform. Therefore, you do need a console with a gaming PC at the end of the day.