Choose PHP7 for your E-Commerce Site and Enhance your Website Traffic

Since the introduction of the modern website design, PHP is taking the major role of all the Server-Side Scripts. It helps you with quicker turn-around time, better security, cheaper services. Almost all the popular organization platforms access some version of PHP.

For example, Facebook started working with the simplest PHP Version. And by the time they have derived their own server-side scripting language. Strangely, Wikipedia uses PHP in mint condition still now. Though the languages have witnessed enormous updates till now, it is not that difficult to multifarious and master in every way.

Try out something new with PHP

Along with time, PHP is the only thing that has grown better. This is the only language that has retained its inherent simplicity. Similarly, it has also successfully maintained its power over 98.5% of all PHP solutions worldwide. As soon as the PHP 7 launches, e-commerce has started finding out a new lease on life.

Although the latest PHP version is almost lookalike to its predecessors, the 7th generation has come up with such exclusive facilities. It has successfully cut off the RAM consumption by almost 50%. eCommerce Portal Development Dubai is pretty famous for developing exclusive e-commerce portals for its clients. And they also aim at offering PHP7 for their successful websites.

PHP7 for your E-Commerce Site

How about Developing your E-Commerce Site with PHP7?

As a matter of fact, PHP7 introduces with its sub-versions – PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3. And undoubtedly, version 7.0 is ruling with around the market share of 64%. Surprisingly, CNBC, En son Haber, and Bored Panda are some of the websites that use PHP7 to empower their websites. On the same page, these websites also handle heavy traffic each day.

Undoubtedly, the new e-commerce sites have already covered a lot of grounds. And most importantly, the emphasis is gradually moving towards the user experience (UX) and mobile readiness. Therefore, while choosing your Server-Side Scripting Language, you look after various aspects. For example, flash compatibility, responsive designs, quick online presentations etc. Let’s look into this in a detailed manner.

Responsiveness In Designs

Undoubtedly, around 82% of the world population uses their mobile devices for online shopping. And that is the reason you should definitely opt for PHP to look after your mobile e-commerce aspects better.

Special Effects

The effects of parallax scrolling on optimization are still not revealed completely. However, as per the research analysis, e-commerce websites that have parallax scrolling ends up with a better performance with the mobile users.

Header Bar Designs

In order to fix headers in your website, you can go for PHP that deals with the e-commerce sites. This basically eases the main menu access and also boosts the brand and website promotion.


Flash is not obsolete, especially in a world that doesn’t replace the old with the new at any cost. Though if you have operated the Facebook modules and games, you must have seen the incredible interventions. Therefore, in order to create stunning banner ads and eye-catching 3D interactions, Your website utilizes the PHP’s affection for Flash

Wrapping Up

Moreover, PHP’s enterprising nature is its best attribute. Therefore, if user interaction is the basic concern of your website, you should definitely consider PHP as the best one. Because PHP is powerful and agile at the same time. On the other hand, PHP allows your e-commerce site to explore and expand.

PHP is widely called as the developer’s best friend because of its ease. You can deliberately improve performance, include extensions, incorporate new frameworks make sitewide changes. However, choosing PHP for matching needs is definitely a wonderful idea!

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