User-Friendly Methods to Install WhatsApp Messenger for PC

The age of SMS is already over. Mobile carrier companies have given the people the facility of free calls with an internet pack. That is why the WhatsApp messenger got its popularity. Apart from sending text messages, you can also send and receive various types of media files like videos, audios, files, images, contacts and others. 

What if you are very busy on WhatsApp, as well as working on your computer. It is quite hectic to manage both your computer and mobile device, at the same time. Thus, WhatsApp Messenger for PC is the ultimate option here. With the help of a simple and easy-to-use interface, the installation and every other function have become simpler than ever. 

Install for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1

Besides the launch of Windows 10, there are still many people who use Windows 7, 8 and its sub-versions. In this OS, the setup file of WhatsApp Messenger for PC might not support it. That is why several Android emulators are there to support the application. Several experts suggest that Bluestacks is the best emulator ever developed.

Download the emulator and install it on your PC. When the installation is over, open it and you will get the exact mobile interface on the large screen of your PC. Login with the help of your active Gmail account and access the PlayStore. After that download the WhatsApp application. 

WhatsApp Messenger for PC: Windows 10

You already know that Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft Corporation. Therefore, it is quite advanced from all of its predecessors. There is no need for downloading any type of emulator. Just visit the main website of WhatsApp Messenger for PC. You will get the option of downloading the executable file. The file format will be in .exe format. 

For Macintosh OS

The installation file for Apple’s Macintosh OS comes in .dmg format. The downloading process is quite easy. With the help of Safari (default browser) the main website of WhatsApp Messenger for PC will help you in downloading the setup file. You will get the file in the Downloads folder of the system. 

The Final Setup Process 

After the download is complete the final setup procedure is a bit different from the emulators and normal installation. In the case of the emulator, you have to imitate the exact process that you follow on your mobile device. Just agree to the terms and conditions and enter your mobile phone number. After a few moments, with the arrival of OTP (One Time Password), set your name and a display picture to complete the task. 

In the case of a normal installation, regarding WhatsApp Messenger for PC, you have some work to do. A feature named QR code will play the key role. It will be displayed on your computer. After the installation to the PC, open the WhatsApp application in your mobile device and notice the top right corner. Tap on the three dots to open the drop-down menu. 

Select the WhatsApp web and the device will open the camera for scanning the QR code. Just hold the device to the code and the application in your PC will be activated automatically. Wait for a few seconds while the WhatsApp Messenger for PC synchronizes all the messages and chat threads. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using the PC version of WhatsApp also has some of its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them without further ado. 


  • You can send the files in your computer directly through WhatsApp
  • Download all the media in zipped or unzipped format
  • Easy message forwarding facility
  • Do multi-tasking (work and chat)


  • No video or audio calling facility
  • Takes a bit longer time to open and sync
  • If kept idle for long, you need to unlock your phone to resume the session
  • Takes a few more seconds to deliver messages compared to the phone’s version

What about Face-to-Face Interaction?

Well, it actually indicates the video calling feature. Yes, the normal PC version of WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature. But, if you are using WhatsApp, with the help of an emulator, then the video calling is definitely possible. But, how does it happen? Is there any type of special line of codes present? What’s so special about that?

These questions might arise. The answer is very simple and straightforward. The emulator just brings you the mobile environment to your computer. Overall, you are just using the same mobile WhatsApp version on the computer as you use on your mobile phone. That is why the video calling facility is possible. And by the way, apart from the video calling, the audio calling facility is also present there. 

Few Common Problems and its Fixtures 

Obviously, there might be some issues that can take place with the WhatsApp Messenger for PC. As it takes a bit longer to load in your computer, sometimes it can freeze and not open at all. While downloading the media items, if they are not downloaded properly, they can get corrupted, and thus the application might stop working. Take the help of the Task Manager to force stop the application. After that, it is better not to open it at once. 

A few experts suggest that restarting the computer might refresh the application from the scratch. That is why opening it after the reboot might resolve the issue. After downloading the media files, if you see that most of the files are missing from the zipped item, then the application might be outdated. In such cases, always keep the WhatsApp PC version updated from time to time. 

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When the application is not at all opening, then there might be some issues related to the graphics. So, you need to install the latest version of the graphics driver from your motherboard or laptop manufacturer website. Never forget to reboot the computer after the complete installation.