Ways To Simplify Class 9th Maths

Let’s face it – class 9th maths is quite complex. The subject undergoes a complete turn during this year and brings absolutely new concepts to your plate. Most students, whether they like maths or not, struggle with getting good scores in maths in this class. So, there’s no denying that class 9th Maths is, in fact, difficult. However, that does not mean that it can not be dealt with.

Every student needs to be equipped with the right techniques to ace class 9th maths. There are several ways in which one can achieve mastery in this subject. Having the right approach for dealing with it will make this subject as easy as anything. After all, it is crucial for all students to take class 9th seriously, as it builds the foundation for class 10th.  As such, clearing the concepts in this class will help you even in the coming standards.

Most students follow an age-old way of studying this subject, which makes it seem even more complex. So, it is important for students to come up with new and interesting ways of studying this subject. As such, we have listed some tried-and-tested ways that will help in simplifying class 9th maths for you! 

  1. Only Go For Quality Material

A lot of students find gathering a lot of study material fancy. However, the truth is, that piling up will do more harm to you than good. The more material you have, the more load you’ll have to deal with- something that you can’t bear in class 9th. There’s absolutely no dearth of study material on the market. However, you should only go for quality material. Having limited but quality material will help significantly in simplifying things for you. As such, here’s what you can refer to for your class 9th Maths exam preparation. 


  • NCERT books contain all the information you need to prepare for your class 9th exam. They are quite comprehensive and give you ample practice questions. 


  • Other than NCERT, there are a few reference books on the market. The most reliable ones are RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal Solutions. These books contain a thorough explanation of concepts, supported by excellent examples. On top of that, they have A LOT of practice questions. These books are available on the market, as well as online. You can even find chapter-wise solutions for these books. For example, you can search for Class 9 RS Aggarwal Chapter 3 Solutions, and you’ll easily get a PDF with solutions. 


  • Sample papers and previous year’s question papers are also quite easily available on the market, as well as online. Make a habit of solving mock papers and 10-years’, as they will help in improving your speed of solving equations while helping you understand the exam pattern. 


  1. Prepare Colourful Notes

Note making is quite important in maths too. Every student should make notes of the concepts, formulas, and anything else that they find important. After all, notes come in handy at the time of the revision and help you recall everything quickly. Now, your notes should not just be randomly scribbled on a piece of paper. Make sure you add life to your notes so that they will have you coming back for revision. Notes with visual aids like diagrams, charts, etc, and colourful details are always more engaging. Use highlighters to mark important points, similar colours to highlight connected things, and other ways to make your notes more appealing. You can also use sticky notes for writing down important information, and stick them on your book or notebooks. 

  1. Study In Groups

Share your pain by studying in groups! Group study can make your practice sessions much more fun. You can plan group-study sessions with your friends, where you all can share the questions you find difficult, and look for answers together. Also, you can discuss various concepts, and ask questions with complete ease. You might also learn things that you weren’t aware of in the first place, that can be of great help during exams. Come up with fun ways of dealing with this subject. Make play cards, have quiz sessions, etc. This would make learning a lot more fun! However, make sure you do not get distracted in chit-chatting, etc. You do not necessarily have to be physically present in one room to study. You can also have these sessions over video calls. 

  1. Learn Formulas In Fun Ways 

Maths is all about dealing with formulas. Many students struggle with memorising formulas, which is quite natural. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you memorise formulas, and would also help in keeping them in your memory for long. As such, here are some fun ways of remembering formulas:


  • Note down the formulas and stick them on the wall. This way you will recall them each time you see them. 


  • Write these formulas again and again. This will help your brain in retaining these formulas longer. 


  • Add a visual memory to the formulas you find difficult. This will surely help you in recalling them easily.


  1. Refer To Video Lessons

Video lessons are always more fun than books. They keep you hooked for long and help you grasp concepts better. There are various Youtube channels, and websites that feature fun videos, that will help you in understanding complex concepts and equations in fun ways. 

  1. Take Help Of Your Seniors 

If you are scared of talking to your teachers, then you can take the help of your seniors. Get in touch with your seniors and ask for tips and tricks to deal with the subject. You can also ask them to help you with reference material, previous years’ question papers, and more, which can be of great help to you! 

  1. Take Sufficient Breaks 

Maths can be quite overwhelming, but that does not mean that you spend your entire day solving equations. Make sure you take ample breaks in between, and relax yourself before going back to your studies. You can indulge in meditation as it will help you in relaxing. Or, you can take naps as they will prevent exhaustion. 

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