How to Use the Blink Home Monitor Software into Your Computer?

Blink is an amazon initiative which is become popular for home automation and smart security. The main product of Blink is its wireless security camera. These compact yet powerful cameras can be used for a long period. You can also control the Blink cameras easily by utilizing the camera Blink Home monitor app.

In today’s guide, we will let you know how to operate Blink Home Monitor Software. After reading the guide, you will also know how to use Blink Camera App for PC and smartphone.

What is Blink Home Monitor Software?

As we said earlier, Blink Home Automation is a venture from the world’s leading e-commerce Amazon. The main goal of the venture is to make your home security and automation easier and flexible than ever. Most importantly, the compact cameras will be wireless, setting you free from the hassle of wires.

There are both indoor and weatherproof outdoor cameras available from Blink at affordable prices. You can keep your eyes on the entire house by setting multiple Blink cameras in suitable locations. The Blink Home Monitor software is a well-engineered app designed to keep track of all the cameras on your fingertip.

The Blink cameras are operated on AA batteries that offer 2 years of battery life. These cameras connect with your phone through a central Wi-Fi network. The camera app includes a huge variety of features to ensure you give you a next-level experience of home security automation.

Benefits of Using Blink Home Monitor Software

The Blink Home monitor software requires an easy setup procedure and you can manage the system through the app. The app features multi-system support that means you can control a large number of cameras using it. It can offer you an HD resolution video both day and night and send it to you instantly.

You can manage and check the automation system from anywhere in the world. It also supports two-way audio to talk with individuals in front of the camera. Moreover, you can also link it with Alexa for sending voice commands from distance. The voice command feature can be used to stream live video, play clips, and get motion alerts.

Here are some other features of the Blink Home Monitor System:

  • Check 720p HD live video from the app with minimum blurring or distortion.
  • Smart motion detection feature to alert you on the slightest triggers.
  • Sent you instant alerts through push notifications within a second.
  • Instant-on video recording features that start capturing within no time.
  • Include a temperature sensor in the cameras to show you the exact temperature.
  • Manually or Automatically arm or disarm the camera by scheduling.
  • Let’s you check and record video from multiple cameras at the same time.
  • Support one-way audio so that you can both see and hear.
  • Non-hackable hardware on camera to ensure the highest security.
  • Shows LED indication when you are recording on watching the live feed.
  • Shows HD quality video on both day and night.

Blink Camera App for PC

Unfortunately, there is an official release of the Blink Home Monitor app for computer devices. You will require making use of an alternative way to make Blink Camera work on PC devices. There is a type of computer software called “Emulator” that allows you to run the android programs on a PC.

You can make use of these third-party applications to run the Blink app on PC. Some popular emulator choices include Bluestack, Nox Player, Gameloop, MSI player, and much more. Surprisingly you can use all the features of the program by following the process. Here is how to install the Blink home monitor app for pc:

  1. Your first work is to download the required software to produce an android environment. Select an emulator that seems suitable for your PC.
  2. Then download the installer of the specific program by searching on Google. Try to get it from the official website.
  3. Proceed by clicking on the downloaded file to initiate the installation procedure. You will need to rely on the commands of the setup page for finishing the installation.
  4. You will find software with android resembling UI which will be your virtual android environment. Now login to Google Play Store to download your preferred Blink app.
  5. Now search the “Blink Home Monitor App” from there and install the application. The home monitor app should be ready to use from the virtual environment within a while.

You can easily install Blink Home Monitor Software on Windows/ Mac PC with the same instruction set.


The Blink Home Monitor Cameras are one of the most well-designed home automation systems that you can use. You can use these small cameras to reach even the narrowest area and watch your whole home while being outside. We hope you will be able to install the Blink App easily with the given instructions.