3 Best Ways to Use Instagram to Shed Excess Fat, Lose Weight and Stay in Shape


When you look at Instagram’s healthy meal images, people working out, or athletes in shape, you feel inspired. Seeing these health-related photos exuding positivity helps you to stay motivated. According to an article published on https://www.nbcnews.com, such Instagram visuals let you embrace healthy habits and lifestyle, as per the experts in the health industry.

After seeing some health foods or workout sessions, you can start a healthy diet that is trending now or switch to a fitness plan. To be candid, Instagram as a social media platform offers you a community that supports you to meet your health and fitness goals. For instance, if you were skipping exercises of late, and after seeing fitness freaks posting their photos or videos on Instagram, you started working out again, it is nothing but an inspiration to stay healthy and in shape. Here are the three best tips to use Instagram to shed excess fat and fight obesity:

  1. Use Instagram to make you accountable to meet your fitness goals

See Millennials or celebs exercising, traveling, and sharing their development to motivate you on your fitness path. You need to use IG to stay accountable to meet your health goals and the photo-sharing site helps you do just that. Not exercising for a day soon turns to weeks and then months. Then, fret not because seeing your favorite athletes or your coworker sweating out at the gym will motivate you to stay in shape.

Stay inspired by a personal trainer to embrace a healthy lifestyle, see photos of healthy meals to feel optimistic. You will find health coach professionals on Instagram motivating people to eat healthy, exercise daily, drink lots of water, and sleep for eight hours daily.

You will find many public IG profiles of health professionals to get expert advice and tips through their Instagram posts and videos.

The kind of health foods you see on Instagram will change the way you think of meals. You may embark on a journey to eat more fresh green vegetables, fruits, and nuts instead of the junk food you had been eating all this time. You learn about vegan recipes, fitness goals, and the reality of animal cruelty through Instagram.

After seeing IG posts of organic and healthy foods, you can switch to organic vegetables, allergen and gluten-free, and completely vegan products to stay healthy. You too can post pictures of vegan food, organic salads, and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and manage to buy 10 Instagram followers, who are genuine people on IG and health-conscious.

  1. Follow your favorite fitness freaks but avoid competing with them

Use Instagram positively, be inspired, but do not feel depressed or frustrated when you see your favorite Instagrammers with perfect abs, bulging biceps, and toned muscles. See what kind of food they eat, the type of exercise they do, and start your dietary and workout goals that suit you. Do not start competing with an athlete.

Staying motivated by seeing IG photos is fine, but do not blame yourself or think in a disordered manner just because you do not have the perfect abs and a flat tummy. Once you start eating healthy and exercising daily, you will see improvements, but it will take time and not happen overnight. Avoid taking steroids to pump up your muscles in less time.

Social media sites like Instagram should be used positively and not in a negative way that would adversely affect your health. The fitness professionals or athletes you see with flat abs have attained a perfect body over the years and through dedication. It did not happen overnight.

Do not follow IG profiles that boast of steroids or super-fit people because none of that is possible in real life. You need to stay focused by following people who live real lives.

  1. Make the best use of relevant hashtags

You will find many health-conscious people on Instagram, who are on a 100 percent vegan diet and they use popular hashtags such as #vegan, #vegandiet, #veganathlete, or #veganrecipes.

You can use the popular healthy foods hashtags like #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthy #fitness #foodphotography #vegan #healthyeating #health #healthyliving #foodlover #homemade #nutrition #weightloss #healthybreakfast #diet #instagood #fit #veganfood, and #healthylunch.

You will find more than just stunning images on IG. You will find the motivation to cook healthy home-cooked meals and do healthy shopping.

On Instagram, you can see how real people are preparing healthy salads, broths, and vegan meals in real-time. So, all things you see on social networking platforms aren’t fake after all! People document how they prepare an organic salad. You can also see people making avocado toast and its benefits.


Now that you have these tips on how to use Instagram to lose weight and stay healthy, what are you waiting for, huh? Eat healthy, exercise, and follow health posts on Instagram.