Understanding the Seven Positives of Mobile Learning


When mobile learning is implemented well, it possesses numerous advantages. We’ll look into some of the advantages that revolve around mobile learning in this context.

Technology has significantly advanced such that mobile phones have become essential tools that can be used to handle different activities. A considerable part of the global population uses mobile phones as per the surveys that have been conducted. Following such a trend, it is recommended that mobile phones can be used during training. Amid the pandemic, organizations and institutions have been forced to implement mobile learning.

Is Mobile Learning Successful?

The mobile learning environment is collaborative, which means people can engage each other leading to a better understanding of the course being taught. If you are wondering why most learners are interested in mobile learning, it is because of the following reasons:

1. You Can Learn from Any Part of The Globe

With mobile learning, the course completion rates have improved. The main advantage of mobile learning is that it ensures there is flexibility such that there is no need to learn from a particular place at a specific time. Mobile learning also entails using podcasts, videos, and different multimedia formats that can be accessed through smartphones and other devices.

As a student, you can access the content at any given moment from any location. The learner can amalgamate mobile learning seamlessly into their daily routine to complete their course successfully. Also, the retention rate among the students who engage in mobile learning is high.

2. Collaborative Learning

The learners can establish an online learning community, so mobile devices come in handy. We can say collaborative learning is among the major advantages when it comes to mobile learning.

The learning process lacks collaboration from the participants in a physical setting typically; however, they collaborate well on the eLearning platforms.

3. There is Personalisation

You may wonder what the advantage of personalization is? Well, it leads to better engagement rates. The courses are tailor-made, and the rate of motivation and engagement is high. Fortunately, mobile learning is accessible at any given moment. Also, you can participate in online learning from any location.

4. Multi-device Support

One of the main advantages of mobile learning is that there is multi-device support. In an environment where mobile learning occurs, you can access the same course on different devices, including laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

5. The Design is Responsive, Which Makes It Easy to Adopt

There is a high likelihood that you’ve noticed that some websites look better on devices such as laptops; however, the website is not as responsive on the smartphone. The same case applies to mobile learning. If the design is not responsive, it’ll be hard to adopt. The design is supposed to be responsive such that a user can access the interface from multiple devices, including a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The responsive design ensures the learners will have an easy time.

6. Self-Paced Learning is Supported

Each person learns typically at a specific rate. We’re not the same, which is why self-paced learning comes in handy. You can also compare mobile learning to undertaking studies in the classroom. You’ll notice that the trainer has put numerous restrictions in a physical environment, and there is a high likelihood that the learners will be frustrated. Fortunately, numerous organizations have an eLearning platform with certifications and courses such as ICT courses, filled with lots of content. Most of these platforms are also compatible with mobile devices, and you’ll manage to build upon your knowledge base.

7. Knowledge Retention Improves

You’ll notice that your knowledge retention rate will improve significantly with mobile learning. You’ll manage to remember each lesson learned during a moment of need, and you’ll realize that everything you remember is relatable and relevant. If you manage to remember all the knowledge you have acquired with time, you’ll handle each task at the workplace well, and the final result will be commendable.

There are other merits of mobile learning, and they include:

Access to New Opportunities

In any organization, the training process is continuous. As a result, the management is always on the lookout for different ways to educate and train the employees by utilizing flexible, self-directed, self-paced, and support on-demand learning. The learner should be able to access the information from different devices at any given moment. With mobile learning, people can also access the information they wish.

Mobile Learning Helps to Diversify Learning

Each person has their preferences when it comes to learning. Mobile learning has provided another way through which information is delivered. The learning can take place through an online course or a webinar. Keep in mind you’ll need a PC or smartphone for mobile learning.


Mobile learning has proven to be efficient and advantageous, and it will be in use for a prolonged period.