Tips Learnt From Previous NEET Exams

NEET exam is not an easy exam to crack, with cutthroat competition, the difficulty level of this competitive exam is not too easy. Since it is a nationwide exam, there is a huge footfall and many aspirants burn the midnight oil intending to qualify it. So, if you are a NEET aspirant know that the road to success will be full of turmoil but in the end, it is worth it. Also, make sure that you are mentally prepared to take this toll as many students leave their preparations midway and the only way to avoid this is by bracing yourself for the hard work.

The thing that follows after getting mentally prepared for the exam is to formulate a proper study plan. A study plan marks how things will be done. For the Neet exam, you should plan ahead with your study plan about what topics are to be covered and when. This will help you to always keep your preparation on time. Along with this, you should also curate a study time that synchronizes with the study plan. This combination will help you to remain focused and track your everyday progress for reaching your goals. Other than these prerequisites there are other tips that you can follow to make the most of your preparation time. Read from down below to know more!

Tips learnt from the previous NEET exams:

  • Start your preparations on time

What is most important in the competitive exam is starting at the right time. Less time to study with a huge syllabus can only prove to be destructive in the end. Give yourself ample time to understand the concepts, practice and revise. This will ensure that you can go through the syllabus well and can perform well in the exams. You should at least dedicate 6 or 7 months to preparing for the exam. Remember that practice is what makes a man perfect and without which nothing can be achieved in life. So make sure you have ample time to study for the exam.

  • Prioritise important topics

For every subject, you should know about the topics that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you understand and revise these topics on priority. As soon as a doubt pops up make sure you get clarification on the same. Don’t leave important topics for the last moment. Always try to give them more time even for revision, these topics should be your priority. What you can do is not waste too much time and effort on the topics that have the probability of appearing in the exam the least. This way you will be able to save time and focus on the topics that really matter. 

  • Analyse previous year questions

One of the strategies that you really need to incorporate is analysing the previous year questions. Try to get hold of  NEET 2020 PYQP as this will help you to understand the pattern of the paper. It will also help you to understand what type of questions are being asked in the exam. The trend of the exam keeps on changing and so it is important to keep a tab on the trend of the exam. The other benefit of having PYQP is that they help you to revise thoroughly for the exam as questions are covered from various topics. So always make sure to do this trick before NEET.

  • Understand where your performance is going down

It is always best to analyse yourself. Knowing your weak areas and weaknesses can help you to make wise decisions in the exam. Also, it is best to either get rid of your doubts and confusion or to leave the topic if it is consuming too much of your time. At the same, you also need to note that there is no negative marking in the NEET exam and you can still give a question a try. The maximum of the questions will be based on the concepts and so it is highly relevant to make sure that you spend some time getting your doubts cleared.

  • Study only till your concentration supports

Studying for NEET can definitely be taxing and will demand your efforts, consistency and patience. It is important to know the natural clock of your body and fix your study hours accordingly. Whether you can focus more on the daytime or night is up to you to find. Also, try to know the number of hours you can put in without feeling overburdened or overstressed. These factors play an important role in competitive exams and so make sure you work according to what suits you the most. Never try to overdo yourself as it will only result in poor concentration and poor performance.

  • Never be too confident or under confident 

Confidence needs to be in balance. Whatever you do make sure you do it with full confidence but never with overconfidence. You should rely on your hard work but draw a line when you feel you are getting overwhelmed by yourself. Confidence dictates your attitude in the exam and so it should always be kept at a balance. Remember that a competitive exam like NEET is set to judge you on all parameters so make sure that you stand high on being a good candidate from all analysis.


To conclude, it is your hard work alone that can crack NEET. These tips and tricks are sufficient if you have good conceptual clarity and are preparing well for the exam. Also, note that the right strategic moves during the preparation are the key to performing well in the exam. Competitive exams are generally based on the criteria that are meant to only test how well the person has the aptitude and critical thinking so in the end only the best man can win and to make yourself the best make sure you are every day working on yourself. So, have the best preparations and you will definitely be able to crack the exam.


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