Tips for Getting Hired With a Criminal Record

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In case you are wondering how to get employed after having a criminal record, this article will give you advice on how to jump-start your employment journey. 

We all knew that obtaining a criminal record would be burdensome in reality. There might be a big chance of you doubting yourself and having a thought of ‘who would have hired someone who happened to be convicted?’ as this kind of judgment would have a big impact on your progress. 

These are some of the factors that affect your personal being which leads you to be demotivated and afraid to make a big step. However, you should always keep in mind that everyone deserves a second chance and your past mistakes won’t really define who you truly are. 

By giving your best effort and reading this article, you will be able to develop new hopes for landing a new job so better read on to learn them all. 

4 Tips For Getting A Job With A Criminal Record

TIP 1: Get Professional Help Right From The Start

This may seem like common knowledge, but I’m going to recommend it anyways. The single most important tip is to hire an attorney when you first get arrested. 

There is the chance that a skilled attorney can help you get charges reduced or even dismissed, which would lessen or eliminate the impact that those charges have on your job search.  Many attorneys can also get your record expunged, so it pays to hire a lawyer near you.

If you haven’t hired an attorney, do it immediately. If you have hired an attorney but the issue persists, read on for more tips. 

TIP 2: Be Honest & Don’t Hide

Honesty is the best policy – especially with a potential employer. I guarantee that an employer would rather know about your DWI arrest upfront rather than be surprised by it when your background check comes in.

Plus, they’ve likely seen it before. Almost one-third of the adult population has a criminal record of some kind. Instead of avoiding the topic, openly address the mistakes in your past. When discussing your charges, highlight all of the things you have done and are doing to be better and move past them. 

TIP 3: Keep an Open Mind

Your dream job might be off limits due to your past. So find a new dream and make it reality. It doesn’t have to be crazy.  Start with “my dream is to have a stable income” or “my dream is to enjoy the people around me at work”. 

By opening up your mind to new careers and placing attainable goals, you widen the pool of possibilities. Plus – bringing that newfound passion for the opportunity ahead into the interview room with you will spark interest from hiring managers. 

TIP 4: Research Companies & Community Resources

There are actually a lot of companies that open their doors to ex-offenders, and this list is growing every day! In our modern society there has been a movement to grant employment opportunities and other employment resources to those with criminal backgrounds. 

Grocery stores, hotels, cell phone stores, and restaurants are all great options that often employ people with past criminal charges. In addition to companies that employ ex-convicts, there are groups who dedicate their time to helping match people to these jobs.

Whether it be through setting up interviews or providing training, these organizations want to help. Do some research to find options near you!

It’s Not Impossible

Keep your head up! We all make mistakes, and you are growing and healing every day. One step of this process is getting hired – and you will. As you begin or continue your job search, remember these tips for getting hired with a criminal record.