The Latest Odoo 14 Version Brings A Lot of Incredible Features

oddo 14


Small business owners who want user-friendly and most efficient software prefer the Odoo apps development suite. This software keeps improvising with every version update. The recent Odoo 14 isn’t going to be any less. There are various new features and upgrades to existing modules that will skyrocket your business performance.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the new Odoo 14 modifications and features so you can have an informed decision about Odoo Migration. It facilitates you to assess development, customization, resources, and time requirements.

Spreadsheet Reporting

Now creating complex reports becomes an effortless task with the report templates. This new addition in Odoo 14 helps to create a thorough and useful spreadsheet report. Businesses can use it for building sales, purchases, revenue, expense, and budget reports. Further, you’ll be able to do performance analysis using these reports.

Emailing Invoice

Odoo apps development has undoubtedly built a benchmark for other ERPs with a seamless invoicing feature. The upgraded version of Odoo 14 lets users send the bills to the customer via email. Hence, small companies and customers will find this feature useful for long-term bill preservation. Moreover, it is a green approach to do paperless invoice transactions.

The invoice window under the customer tab also allows businesses to generate invoices for numerous customers at a go. Customer information can further be quickly retrieved from the invoice creation module.

Smiley Widget

Do you want to enhance the customer relationship? Here comes into play the smiley widget in Odoo 14. Now you can add smileys to the messages that will result in better customer engagement.

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning is another excellent module in the latest Odoo apps development update. Found in the Odoo 14 Enterprise edition, it helps to delete duplicate data that decreases data redundancy. Also, you can create Duplication and Field cleaning rules in this module. The module is accessible in the enterprise edition of the software.

Expense Dashboard

Offering a better user experience is the goal of Odoo ERP. Thus, with its expense dashboard, users can get a clear view of all expenses in order to create an expense report properly.

Gmail and Outlook Plugins

With Google and Outlook plugins, all data records in Odoo. A user can easily access this stored data while sending and reading emails.


The latest website features are the highlight of the Odoo Version 14. It boasts impressive snippets and easy to switch themes that will help to enhance the e-commerce shop. Here are the key website widgets to use during Odoo apps development:

Countdown Widget

You can control or increase the product traffic/sales on your e-commerce website using the countdown widget of the Odoo 14 edition. There are four layouts available, i.e., Boxes, Circle, Clean, and Text Inline.

Chart Snippet

Another is a chart snippet that represents the numerical or qualitative data of your e-commerce business in the chart forms.

Auto Pop Widget

Through this website module, users can quickly check promotions and deals offered to the customers.

Product Catalog Snippet

The introduction of the product catalog snippet lets users make changes in the details based on the predefined template requirements.