The incredible business of nano influencers

There’s been a bazillion of life hacks on how to make money on Instagram in 2020. But the main trend of the year, especially during the lockdown period is becoming a nano influencer. The common misconception in societies makes us think that only accounts with several millions of followers can be monetized. In reality, even pages with 1000 to 7000 followers can bring not only the joy of communicating with like-minded people but also some income. So, nan influencer is a blogger with a smaller number of followers, but with a high level of followers’ engagement. If to take into account the last tendencies and prices starting with June 2020, each nano influencer can get about 100$ per advertising post, an average 120$ per video, and 50$ per live story. These are the prices. But to be chosen out of millions of other pages by the sponsors and star-making money, there are some features every nano influencer must possess. 

The interests and topics are vivid from the bio

Making up a good bio on Instagram can become a significant part of future success. The bio should contain your interests and a couple of hints on what the blog is about. But the main focus must be on the well-organized system of the links you’d like to share with your audience. Though Instagram might provide only one place for one link, thanks to the new technologies and modern software, like , you don’t have to choose only one link to share but provide the complex of URLs to keep in touch with your followers. If you work simultaneously on different social media, like Face book and TikTok, the links to your pages there will give the audience more hints on who you are and what you’re up to. A good strategy is also to choose a couple of cute nicknames that will help to understand your character better.

1)100% authentic and true

No need to mention how fast the trend of being sincere is tending to cover all the social media. Instagram is not the exception, especially when we talk about the nano influencers. The main idea of these new heroes of our times is to show that they are just like us, people from the same block with you. That’s why it’s easy to see the difference between the page of a nano influencer and a typical professional blogger with 100k followers. The strategy is different. They represent their own niche and work for their small niche, without a need to conquer the attention of the mass market on social media. The topics are what you witness in your real life, the language, presentation, and the narration style of the post usually make us feel we came to see our classmates and talk about our common interests by the cup of tea. That’s why if you’ve decided to follow the nano influencer strategy, think deeply who you are, what are your real interests, and with the first post, avoid the situation of showing your followers there’s a difference between you and others, or you represent another, higher layer of society.

2)Good ROI for sponsors

As has been mentioned at the beginning of the topic, the prices nano influencers offer for their advertising costs are much lower than those of their competitors with a much higher number of followers. That’s why they are very attractive to companies who want to advertise their products or services on Instagram. If to take into account the high level of audience engagement, as a result, the advertising campaign will cost less but give the sponsors more guarantee in its output. The existence of nano influencers gave a good trigger for the small companies which even couldn’t imagine cooperation with the influencers before, due to their small advertising budget. On the other hand, nano influencers should bear in mind that it’s quite easy to lose yourself and become too commercial. Every advertising request they get must be analyzed, and only in the case it’s got no contradiction with their inner self, and it is not harmful to the general concept of the blog, this kind of advertising can have a chance to be taken up.

3)Easy to cooperate with

Nano influencers, except for their attractive prices are easier to find, negotiate, and recruit. They are more active in the means of providing discounts. Besides, an established influencer is usually the one who can start bargaining, as they’ve been involved in the paid advertising for a longer time, and normally have made up their list of preferences and cooperation conditions, just like the rider demands of the famous singers. That’s why they leave less space for negotiation in comparison to the nano influencers. The other advantage of the nano influencers for the cooperation is that due to the recent rates, brands find in them a source to make themselves more agile. As the style of communicating with the audience, nano influencers choose, is more personal, the presentation of the post is also more detailed, personal, and experience-bases. The market is overloaded with similar products, which leaves less chance for the companies to be absolutely innovative and creative in their value proposition. If a nano influencer advertises a product, it’s got a word-of-mouth effect, as it often happens, bloggers not only communicate with their audience closely, the may know a great number of their followers personally. There’s a significant risk for the nano influencers in taking part in the advertising campaigns of the products with contradictory features or unproven quality. It’s like offering a bad shampoo to your best friend, or your sister. So, again, the choice of products to advertise is very important.

The main source to find a nano influencer is analyzing hashtags. That’s why a new-coming blogger should pay attention to form a proper hash tagging strategy from the very beginning of their activity on Instagram not to get lost in the growing army of competitors.