The Importance of Link Building Services for SEO

link building

When it comes to optimizing a website, links are an integral part of the process. Internal links, for example, make it much easier for Google to properly understand a website. Also, with these types of links, website owners will be able to prioritize specific parts of the website and then just provide more links to the important pages. Backlinks can also be used in order to make a website a lot more reputable. It will also affect the ranking of the website very positively.

Just as we mentioned, there are basically two different types of links. They are internal links and external links. They are not similar, it is important that you realize this. We will take a closer look at both types of links in one of the following passages.

Link Building: What is it?

Link building is a process by which links are created. This can then be the cause behind the connection between two separate pages within a site or it can also be the cause behind the connection between two completely different websites. Both types of links play a major role in properly optimizing a website and also optimizing the presence it has on search engines. Google will favorably consider your website if the links provided are relevant and also valuable.

Internal links will generally have related topics as it connects the different pages of the same domain. It will depend completely on the total number of links that a website has but Google will use this information in order to decide whether a site is of proper quality or not. The same also applies to external links as well. The important thing to realize is that these links need to be built naturally and they will need to comply with proper SEO practices. If this is not done, the website will rank much lower in search engine rankings and it may also be penalized in a lot of cases.

How search engines make use of links

As we have already mentioned, links are important when it comes to the ranking a website has. It is also important in increasing the visibility of newer pages. When a search engine will look into different pages a website has, they will properly examine and also extract the content your webpages have. It will make its decision based on these contents. Therefore, every link acts very similarly to a vote. When your links are from quality websites, the more valuable they will be. This will affect the ranking of your website very favorably.

You are probably aware of the fact that Google will utilize different algorithms to determine the quality of a website. These algorithms are becoming stronger every day. Google PageRank is one of these important algorithms. It was created for the sole purpose of ranking web pages and websites. This particular algorithm scores out of 10 and this score is normally measured by the total number of inbound links a website has. So the more inbound links you have, the more valuable your website will be to Google.

To put it in another way, every inbound link will count as a vote that works towards improving the ranking of your website. The second point to note is that the more credible these links are, the more valuable they will count as a vote. This particular algorithm is one of the most important tools that Google has. This is a great way for Google to determine which pages are more valuable.

There are a number of different ways in which SEO experts will utilize different techniques in order to build these links that improve a website’s rankings on search engines. Of course, it is never recommended that you go overboard with linking as it can negatively impact your search engine rankings.

Types of Internal Links:

Video links, contextual, navigational, javascript links, PhotoLink

Some Types of External Links:

Backlinks within business profiles, editorial backlinks, backlinks from webinars, backlinks from guest bloggers, free-tool backlinks, bio backlink posts by guests, comment backlinks, badge backlinks, acknowledgement backlinks.

Impact of Link Building Services on Your Business

  • Reputation

Proper link-building techniques will make sure that your brand gets the best possible visibility. Also, when your links are connecting to high-quality sites, people will make the assumption that you are an expert in your chosen field. This will greatly enhance the reputation of your business and this will ensure that your brand gets much more exposure as time goes on.

  • Trading Performance

When you have reputed websites that link to your site, a lot more customers will be attracted to go visit your site. This will increase your website traffic and this can have a huge impact on your overall business.

Tricks to persuade other sites


  • Make sure that the content on your site is of proper quality so that when other websites visit your site, they are instantly attracted to your site and that they decide to link that connection to your site.


  • You can also submit your site to particular directories


  • Release products where they will get maximum visibility


  • Use your network to get people to link your site so that overall traffic and views are increased.

Effects of Link Building with Regards to SEO

One particular factor that will affect your ranking is how long users stay on your site. This is also known as dwell time and this will, in particular, attract the attention of Google. This will mean the site will rank higher and as we have already mentioned, internal linking is a huge part of that.

Internal linking will make sure that a user has access to similar types of content. External linking can help with that as well. These two types of link building can be combined to make a much more positive overall user experience.

Internal linking is responsible for making sure that a website’s index is as fast as possible. Google will then be able to find and also analyze the site a lot faster. One important thing to remember is that external links have a much greater effect on SEO than internal linking does.

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