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Dr Isis’s Shoe of the Week

It appears we may be finally moving past those God forsaken platforms. I found these lovelies over at Shoedazzle.


The heel is four inches of glorious metal. I’m glad that we may be finally moving past this dark period in heel history and on to a new and more glorious era.

Ask Dr. Isis – Hot Interview Shoes and More

Two days after the removal of teeth 1,16,17,and 32, I am on the mend, although I look like I have been storing food away in my cheek pockets for a long winter. I won’t lie.  Night two is more painful than night one.  No joke.  So what’s a gal to do in the middle of the night when up with an achy jaw?  If you’re me, you watch Jackass 3D and answer emails.

Here we go!!!

Dear Dr. Isis,

Oh benevolent Goddess of Shoes and Awesome Science, I have a question relating to both!

I was recently invited to interview at my top choice graduate school in pursuit of a PhD in Neuroscience. Not only has this triggered the standard feelings of overwhelming excitement and crushing insecurity but it’s also made me realize something else: I don’t have any appropriate shoes to wear!

See, most of my shoes look like this:

(Guess Opast in Gold and Black)

My most business-y looking shoes are 4 inches with a peep-toe and painted sole. None of them are❤ inches except for the shoes I wear to the lab, which look something more like this:

(representation of my awful old shoes)

The interview is across the country and over a period of a couple of days, and I have a feeling that my 3-5 inch stilettos would be a risky choice professionally and practically. How high is too high for a grad school interview? Should I simply find an acceptable pair of flats? I’ve read in some places that colorful clothing is a no-no, does this also hold true for shoes? For the more informal events (like the student party) should I still stick to more subdued footwear?

Help me Dr. Isis; you’re my only hope!

Admiringly Yours,
Shoe Loving (future) Neuroscientist

Before we continue, I’ll note that I’ve given advice on interview dress before and my guidelines are easy: clean, neat, and classic.  Inevitably some dude will show up in the comments to tell us about how hole-y jeans, tennis shoes, and geek t-shirts are totally appropriate interview attire in his field.  Congratu-fucking-lations. My general rule is that it is always better to be cleanly dressed  in classically understated attire than to show up and realized you’re under-dressed. Being in a med school, I see under-dressed a lot and it is always awkward.

Our dear friend SLN is right – that first pair, although totally hot, is probably not interview appropriate.  That second pair isn’t appropriate for anything.  Not even a mud run.  However, upon further reflection, I would like to see someone do a mud run in the first pair.  That would be amazing.  If one of you would volunteer, that would please me greatly.

[Here we pause for an intermission.  Steve-O just drank some dude’s ass sweat and I am laughing so hard I can’t handle it. That man has an amazing capacity to puke.  And now they’re getting kicked in the nuts by a donkey and blowing noise makers with their asses.  I may even have just seen full frontal nudity.  My sore mouth cannot handle the laughter.  Now you know my dirty secret.  I can be a totally serious scientist. Honest. But I have a weakness for two solid hours of dudes getting kicked in the nuts. But back to the question.]

So, what shoes are appropriate for an interview? Hotness is a necessity, but comfort is a priority.  For me, a day in flats with minimal support would be uncomfortable.  During the week I alternate between heels and glittery Danskos for days when I have clinical-type things to attend to.  I love a hot shoe, but my hot shoe needs good support when I have a lot of walking and standing to do.  I think for a day of interviews, a shoe with a thick (NOT clunky) heel is full of win.  These are super cute:

Figure 1: Naturalizer’s Collette Pump. $79.00 at Zappos.

I like Naturalizer.  Their leather is super soft and they’ve come a long way from their matronly designs of yester-year.  These are a reasonable 3″ heel and the detailing on the front is adorable.  Don’t go higher than 3″.  You’ll hate yourself.  Always wear them for a day before you go interviewing.  That’s not the day for a blister.

As far as color, I think you can wear color to an interview if you limit it to one item. And probably not the shoes.   I really, really like  jewel tones time of year.  They always seem to add a clean line and they’re a color that can be easy pulled off without being noticeably loud.  Like these sweaters with black or dark grey trousers:

Figures 2&3: Shirred front and kimono sleeved sweaters. $40-$60 from The Limited.  Both styles are available in several colors. 

Paired with simple metallic jewelry (not the bracelet in the 2nd picture) both would be fabulous choices.

For a social gathering afterwards?  I am a big fan of simple black boots and dark wash denim these days. A pair of comfortable, black boots is a great investment. I wear mine often.  I also think dark wash denim always looks classy and it’s fashionable without being overly dressy.  Pair them with something like this:

Figures 4, 5, &6.  Drape Neck Blouse in Rumba Red and Black Cardigan. $20-$26 from Maurices.    I won’t lie that I may have bought that blouse while fashion surfing around the interwebz. Hanging Filigree Earrings. $7.97 at Charming Charlie.

Now, put your insecurity in the pocket of your big girl pants and get to it.  You’ll be fine and remember that they wouldn’t have offered an interview if they didn’t want to meet you.  Good luck!

Dr. Isis’s Shoe of the Week – Labor Day Edition

I have heard a dirty little rumor that one is not supposed to wear white after Labor Day.  Or perhaps it was Memorial Day.  Or President’s Day.  Either way, it’s a horrible, horrible idea.  Thus, today I bring you fabulous shoes that are gloriously white.

These are the pair I am currently lusting over:

Figure 1: Sam Edelman’s Lorissa Pump.  $169.96 at Zappos.

However,  I suspect that if I spent $170 on these shoes, I would quickly be in need of a new place to live.   So, I offer this lovely white and gold alternative:

Figure 2: BCBGeneration’s Lana Pump. $63.20 at Zappos.

I think those would be fierce with a pair of tan slacks.  There is a similar pair from Michael Gezana in a wedge that would also be fabulous.  And a pair of Naughty Monkeys I am in love with.  They don’t really fit within the scope of our white theme, but they are still lovely.

Some of you may remember a recent post from me in which I posted a beautiful pair of Nine West boots with a lovely little ankle collar.  $140 for boots when I can see paying for daycare for 2 children on the horizon seemed like, perhaps, a poor idea.  Still, Mama needed a new pair of boots.  I found these at Target yesterday:

Figure 3: Target’s Malina Boot.  $39.99 at the Super Store.

They’re not the Nine West boots, but they still have some little ankle bondage.  I also don’t wear any particular pair of shoes frequently enough to really wear them out.  So, I’m on board.    Plus, saving 100 bones means I’ll have money to buy diapers.  Or, two additional new pairs of shoes.

Let’s not lie to ourselves about where that $100 is going.

The Saga of Friendy the Croc

There is no amount of logic or scientific training that can prepare someone for having a four year old.   They are absolutely irrational.  The latest saga of irrational behavior in my house revolves around a Croc.  A Croc named Friendy.

Figure 1:  Last known image of Friendy the Croc. Circa 2008

Friendy was Little Isis’s right Croc when he was about 20 months old.  One ill-fated August evening, we took Little Isis to a minor league baseball game.  There, Friendy the Croc fell off and was lost under the bleachers.  He was never seen nor heard from again.

Friendy was not mentioned in Casa de Isis for almost three years.  After all, he was a Croc – the most despised shoe on the planet – and I won’t lie that I was a little happy to see him go.  Not that I had anything to do with his disappearance.  I am completely innocent of any malfeasance in this case. 

Friendy remained a forgotten memory for three years.  Until about 8 weeks ago when Friendy returned to our lives.  Little Isis was riding in his car seat when I heard a little voice ask, “Mommy, do you remember that black Croc that I lost at the baseball game?”


“(sigh)  I really miss that Croc.”

A week later he asked about the Croc again.  I told him I was sure that the Croc was gone and he absolutely lost his mind.  He cried and cried and cried over this poor, poor Croc. He told me that he wanted to give the Croc to the new baby.   I tried to explain that (to my dismay) we could get new Crocs for the baby.  This did not soothe him.  I tried to explain that the Croc is just a thing.  It did not soothe him.  I am sure I tried 600 other rationalizations that also did not soothe him.  Eventually he fell asleep.

A few days later he rementioned the Croc and started again with the tears and shenanigans.  This time, however, I got the real truth.  He told me that he was worried that having the baby would hurt me and that he would have to take care of it.  If he didn’t have two Crocs, how would the baby have any shoes?  I asked him why he thought I would be too hurt to take care of the baby and he answered, “Well, the baby is in your belly?  Your belly has to break open for the baby to come out.” 

I figured that no bit of reality could be any more horrible than what he was imagining, so I figured I might as well let him see the truth.  I showed him this video from BabyCenter.  Before you click it, it is about as graphic as birth videos come.  But, she’s got one hell of an epidural.  He seemed totally relieved to know the truth and to see that the woman in the video was fine afterwards.  As I reflect, some of his friends’ mothers have had babies recently and I wonder if he had been told about a C-section?  Who knows, but he has seemed totally cool about it all, making sure to tell everyone we know, “My mommy’s junk is going to get huge.”

Still, the Croc continues to make an appearance whenever Little Isis is upset about something.   He flips out over the Croc for a day or two and then we get to the real issue.  You can’t ask him what the issue is at the time, because all he will do is lament over the Croc.  Attempts to get at the heart of the matter simply make matters worse.  Tonight, we indulged another Croc flip out, except this was exceptionally epic.  He got in the shower and wept like I have never seen.  He told me, “That Croc was my best friend.  He always made me feel better when I was sad. Do you know he had a name? His name was Friendy.”

Fucking Friendy.

So, now we wait and see if he will reveal what is bothering him.   You can’t tell your child, “Would get some fucking control over yourself?  You’re crying over a fucking shoe!!!”  At least, not unless you want to pay for his therapy later in life.  For now, we just look at the Croc as a flag.  An ugly, squishy, hole-filled flag that Little Isis uses to tell us that something is wrong.

More wrong than Crocs.