Suggestions to pair up jewellery with ivory ethnic dress

As the wedding season is knocking on the door, it is time for you to level up your accessory game to accentuate your attires in the most graceful manner. While keeping the current trends in mind, it is safe to claim that ethnic dresses with ivory fabric are a seasonal favourite. Not only the fashion bloggers but the celebrities as well can be seen flaunting these dresses, while it is a cakewalk for you to find an ivory ethnic dress, it can be a tad bit difficult for you to find complementary earrings online. Hence, in order to help you out, here is a list of carefully curated pointers to present you different suggestions to pair up jewellery with an ivory ethnic dress. Read on in order to plunge right into the details.

  • Pearl and gold

Ivory is a subtle colour. When you choose an outfit with such an ethereal colour, it is highly essential that you should pick a similar shade of jewellery along with it. If you would like to go forward with golden jewellery, make sure that you complement it with regal jewellery choices such as pearls. While the golden aspect of the accessories can add warmth to your attire, the pearls can do a stellar job to mellowing the tone of gold. Hence, you can have a bit of royal situation whether the warmth of the gold is supplemented with the freshness of the pearls. Also, make sure that the jewellery you buy is a complete set so that you do not need for you to go all out to find different accessories to mix and match.

  • Diamond and emerald

It is always a great idea to play with bold colours for jewellery if your attire has a light colour. This way one aspect of the outfit is augmented by that of the other. If your heart has a special corner for diamond jewellery, then it is strongly advocated that you should opt for a diamond necklace, along with matching earrings with emerald gemstones embedded in it. This is probably one of the best accessory styles that you can pair with an ivory ethnic dress. Make sure that the design of the jewellery that you choose is in co-ordination with the sequencing or the detailing of the attire to make it look more natural. The character added by the strong green colour of the emerald gemstone, along with the bling of diamonds is all you need to make your outfit stellar.

  • Kundan and silver

The combination of Kundan styled jewellery along with that of the silver jewellery is a little rare but will do an exceptionally well job to make you look ethereal. While some individuals might find it to be a tad bit difficult to pull off white on white, however, when you are successful in finding the perfect set of earrings, necklace and maang tika to go along with you ivory ethnic dress, it will look exquisitely mesmerising. Finding silver jewellery designs with Kundan encrusted on silver. Also, make sure that they are strongly attached to the base so they do not fall off.

Hopefully, all the accessory suggestions that have been discussed meticulously in the above articles will help you get a grip and determine what jhumka earrings online you should buy so that they will work well with your ivory ethnic dress. The fashion trends for ethnic clothing keep changing and it is always a good idea for you to do a little experiment with your fashion choices in order to spice things up every now and then.