Some Ways to Watch Discovery Channel Without Cable


Don’t we all sometimes want to enjoy a thorough documentary on the wilds of Africa or maybe want to watch how different stuff is made? That is when the Discovery Channel is our stop. However, we are aware that not everyone has a subscription to cable services or maybe they do not plan on keeping one even when there are premium options out there such as Xfinity, Mediacom, etc. The top-notch providers offer extensive channel lineups and also on-demand services along with exceptional customer services. For instance, you can rely on Xfinity customer service fully knowing that you will be assisted instantly.

Many channels are not available for you to stream for free and the Discovery channel is one of those. Ultimately if you intend on staying hooked to your favorite channel you will either have to stick to your cable service or you can opt for the streaming services as well. Many hard-core viewers who want to cut their cord today do second guess their decision as they are afraid that they might miss out on Discovery Channel as well. However, that is not the case. So, in case you are cutting the cord and are looking for a viable option to watch the channel then keep reading, because below you will find all you need to know about watching Discovery Channel without a cable subscription.

Discovery Channel Overview

The Discovery Channel was founded in 1985 and it has made its way to the top. It is the second most widely distributed cable network in the United States, is committed to producing high-quality non-fiction programming that educates and entertains its viewers about the world in all of its diversity, and wonders. It is a satellite and cable television channel in the United States that focuses on providing technology, history, and science information through entertainment.

The station had only 156,000 subscribers in the United States when it first launched, and it only aired for twelve hours a day in the afternoon and evening. However, the channel’s reach has grown to over 50 million households in just five years and to this day it holds its value in the media industry.

Watch Discovery Channel Without Cable

There are several streaming services where you can watch the Discovery Channel. All the popular services have the channel included in the lineup, however, it is on the viewer which streaming service they want to opt for depending on the compatible devices they have and the pricing.

So, without any further ado, let’s find out where to watch Discovery Channel without cable.

  1. Sling TV

Sling TV is a great option for streamers who have unique tastes. Its pricing structure includes the Extras, which are add-on packages that allow you to add specialty channels without having to upgrade to huge, costly bundles. Subscribers to Sling TV start with a basic package and then add on cheap Extras. You can get Discovery Channel on Sling TV in their Blue Package which is the most affordable one, whereas if you are interested in a rather extensive line up then their Orange + Blue plan can be the one for you.

  1. YouTube TV

For people who love user-friendly apps and want to watch Discovery Channel without cable, Google’s live TV streaming service; YouTube TV is a terrific option. Sign up for a free trial to see if YouTube TV is right for you. YouTube has over 85 channels and a single plan. Discovery, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild, and a slew of other networks are in the lineup. You have the option of watching Discovery in real-time or watching on-demand episodes. You can also record them to a DVR Cloud, which can save information for up to nine months.

  1. Philo

Philo offers the most cost-effective option when it comes to streaming TV services. It is a very reasonable option for you if you plan to watch Discovery Channel without a cable subscription. Philo offers a free trial to the users as well, where they can test the services before you completely subscribe for the service. It allows up to 10 profiles on each account. So why wouldn’t anyone want to opt for a streaming service where they can have a free trial along with an inventory of 63 channels.

  1. FuboTV

Another streaming option that allows you to watch Discovery live is FuboTV. As of 2020, FuboTV’s Standard bundle, which is also the lowest, contains Discovery and a few more noteworthy channels. It works with practically all devices and allows you to watch on up to three of them at once. It’s also possible to store 250 hours of content and watch on-demand episodes. So, the fans of the discovery channel will find their favorite channel in FuboTV’s network roster, and the other potential users can try out the service for free by signing up for the free trial.


The Discovery Channel features thrilling series that will either teach you how to survive in the wild or keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll be able to learn something new while viewing the Discovery Channel, just as its name suggests. So, if you want to cut the cord, then go ahead because the aforementioned options have you covered.

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