Resolving Skype Error Is As Easy As Pie!

Microsoft is working on a new call recording feature on Skype. You will be able to place, record, import, and edit recordings once you switch your desktop Skype client over the “content creator” mode. You are free to choose your favorite third-party software and Skype will help you out with the integration. This has decreased the possibility of any Skype error appearing on your screen.

Skype error

Finally, Microsoft has added such an amazing quality to make our calling experience better with Skype. But it is one of the most used calling application, it gives us some random issues and ruins our mood for that moment.

A tech help may be useful. But before a tech help, try to fix the issue on your own. 

Don’t worry! Even I like to stay away from complicated technical procedures. So, I have tried out some simple and easy solutions for my Skype errors and found real quick responses.

Skype Error – A Warning Alarm From Skype

In spite of introducing such great features, you still go through some strange errors that you are unable to resolve. Imagine, you are in the middle of some conversation, and an error message pops up- “Sorry, we couldn’t connect to Skype” or maybe something like this- “Application Error (0xc0000005)”. 

You must have tried a lot of things to resolve it but in vain. This makes you regret continuing with this application. Check out these solutions for an instant help.

“Skype Can’t Connect”

This is like a complete nightmare scenario. This error message makes you feel helpless and no matter what you try, you are just not able to remove it anyhow.

unable to connect to Skype

Do not let your head get stressed into this Skype errors and follow these simple steps to eliminate this forever.

  • Check Skype heartbeat
  • Try updating your Skype
  • Uninstall and reinstall the software
  • Update your network adapter drivers
  • Configure your Skype connection settings

“Error Code: 0xA1080001”

When you are trying to run the Skype setup option in the ellipsis menu, you come across this error message. Error messages can make bang the device against the wall(well, almost.)

The Skype Video Windows 10 app is still in a developing condition, so this error pops up on your screen frequently. But you can try these simple steps and fix it immediately.

Skype Error Code 0xA1080001

  • Reinstall the Skype app on your Windows 10
  • Run the Skype setup from a different network
  • Restart your device and try using it once again
  • Sign out of Skype from everywhere and log in again

“Skype Not Connecting Calls”

Suppose, you are going to make an important video call and suddenly this error message comes up. This is a bit difficult for you to remove this and get back to your work again.

This is a very common problem that all of us generally face. At the end of the day, we question our own decision of choosing Skype as a platform to make video conferencing.

Skype Calls

You can try out these simple steps and resolve your Skype errors real quick.

  • Check your network connection once
  • Make sure your video button is switched on
  • Close all other applications that are open on your other tabs
  • The person you are trying to connect with has to use the latest version of Skype

“Problem On Recording Device”

Calling family or friends serves a great joy to our heart. Skype makes that possible for us by bringing a person close to our vision. But what if the application betrays and appears with an error message saying, “problem on recording device”?

You actually feel annoyed. In fact, some of you are maybe facing this problem constantly and not able to figure out a correct way.

Let me take you to a step by step procedure to help you come out of this situation.

  • Check your sound device configuration
  • Check if your audio device is plugged in
  • Find the “Skype test calls” in your contact list and follow the instructions
  • Set your installed audio device as the default playback and audio device

Still Stuck With The Skype Error?

We all use Skype video calling services to make a direct contact with our favorite people. But a Skype error can make your work harder and cuts down all the connections.

But this is not something that we expect from such a wonderful calling service provider. In order to fulfill your calling needs, you must have approached a lot of people, but not able to find the right one.

Keeping that purpose in mind, I have tried all these solutions on my end and found them really useful. That is the reason I am sharing all of them with you to take you out of the pain.

In case, if you are going through some other Skype errors, or you are still stuck with all these, connect with me through the common section. I will try my best to help you out with some more effective solutions.

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