Six smart ways of protecting your property through tech

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Do you rely on a traditional padlock to secure your property or struggle to remember the password to unlock your smartphone and squint through a front door peephole to see who’s visiting? It’s time to change all that because now is the time to explore new tech-based security solutions that will allow you to secure your property.

Over the years, security technology has made great strides, merging with intelligent tech solutions to provide customers with a wide array of choices for almost every budget.

What’s more, the cost of communications and sensing technology has experienced a sharp decline, making innovative security solutions more accessible and attainable.

That said, security is the primary reason customers are investing in surveillance tech for their properties. In fact, 60% of consumers state that they purchase innovative security products because they want to watch over property via their smartphones.

With that said, let us look at a few innovative ways technology can enable you to protect your property.

Implement access control systems. 

In the form of card access and keyless systems, access control systems are a great use of tech to manage your property’s security. Once you install them at your property, you don’t need to worry about whether someone requires a key to get inside your building, office, home, etc.

For instance, to ensure your storage unit doesn’t see any theft and unauthorized entry, you can install a storage access control system to monitor who comes and goes. If a friend or family members want to access your storage unit, of course, with your permission, you can use your smartphone and grant them entry.

Plus, you can constantly monitor who wants to request entry via security cameras that come with an access control system.

Door locks with Bluetooth and WiFi. 

Smart locks are a vital aspect of a property security and automation system. The development of these tech-infused door locks assists in making properties more secure than ever. Furthermore, these smart locks can easily connect with your modern smartphone via Bluetooth or a dedicated mobile application through the internet.

Generally, these intelligent locks detect the presence of individuals automatically when you come close to them or move away. You can even connect these services to lights and temperature controls.

That said, door locks with Bluetooth are far safer than your average deadbolt lock. Still, WiFi locks are far better for property security because they enable you to monitor your locks even when you’re far away from your property.

WiFi cameras. 

With time, security cameras have also seen improvements. Not to mention, anyone can afford this piece of security equipment these days. That said, with the help of WiFi, modern security cameras can link up with your smartphones, allowing you to monitor your property 24/7 through a dedicated camera application.

This allows you to see people who’re entering and leaving your property through a live video feed while you’re away. Furthermore, you can install complementary security systems that enable you to automate the security features of your property, making it more secure.

For instance, if someone tries to meddle with your security system, you will get a notification on your smartphone. Moreover, property automation systems alert the authorities in the event of a break-in or theft.


There are tons of premium security options available today that automatically sense your presence and close or open doors for you. For instance, you can install sensors on your property’s windows and doors, using motion detection, waves, and winks to identify someone’s presence.

Your smartphone or tablet will receive notifications when your sensors detect any movement. This way, if someone tries to break-in, you will get a quick alert whether you’re far away or close by.

In addition, many sensors also come with a siren feature that provides audio and visual warnings to intruders when an event is triggered.

Fingerprint scanners. 

This type of security device used to be a fantasy for sci-fi movie lovers. However, fingerprint scanners are now available to anyone who can afford them, provided you have a tablet or a smartphone to set them up.

As fingerprint technology is moving forward, fingerprint scanners are quickly becoming more common. Not to mention, they are a far better option than the Bluetooth or WiFi door locks mentioned above.

Typically, you will have to set a password and register your fingerprint into the scanner’s memory. These fingerprint scanners link up with your smartphone and WiFi to improve monitoring. Once you register your fingerprints into the system, no one other than you will be able to access and open doors.

If someone tries to enter your property by messing with the fingerprint scanner, you’ll be notified of unauthorized access via your smartphone.

Facial recognition locks. 

Look no further than locks that can scan your face to allow you entry inside your property give you a better and more impressive security option. While biometric will always be more accurate and error-free, facial recognition is the way of the future.

For instance, the Intel Security True Key application can store your face’s mathematical structure, allowing you access to your files via facial scans. But, of course, this is also the case for facial recognition-based locks.

These locks usually come equipped with a camera or an Iris sensor that scans your face. If you’ve preregistered your face with the lock’s algorithm, you will gain entry to your property. However, if someone tries to access your property, the camera on this lock will start recording them and notify you through a live feed.


Smart property security devices have massive potential to keep your property safe and secure. In fact, you can roll out effective mitigations strategies with the help of smart devices.

However, according to experts, intelligent devices alone aren’t enough to protect your property. The security process involves risk assessments, evidence-based best practices, and preventative maintenance.

That said, if you haven’t secured your property at all, do it with the help of some intelligent ways mentioned in this article.

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