Simple Measures to Improve iPhone Security

Improve iPhone Security

iPhones are great mobile devices with some of the best built-in security features. But they are still susceptible to online threats and malicious content that can be easily avoided with a few safety measures, such as good password hygiene and the use of VPN services.

Stronger Password Needed

One of the most effective and simplest things you can do to protect your data is to use a unique password as opposed to a simple four-digit code for unlocking your iPhone. A mix of symbols, numbers, and letters is the best idea, and don’t use anything that is personal like a birthday or pet name, hackers are very clever, and they can guess these with ease.

There is also an “erase data” option, which you can use in addition to your passwords. This will wipe all data from the phone if there have been ten unsuccessful attempts at entering your passcode. Remember, though; this information will be gone forever, so make sure you know what your own password is.

Lock screen notifications – turn them off

If your data is shown on your lock screen, then even the strongest of passwords will not stop your data from being shown.  Emails, private appointments, confirmation codes, and even some financial data are shown on your lock screen for anyone to glance at.  The less information is shown on your phone’s lock screen, the better and the safer your private information will be.

iCloud and Apple ID – 2 Step Verification

It goes without saying that two is better than one, so it’s highly recommended that two-step verification is used when it’s available for your iCloud or Apple ID.

When you use this two-step verification process, your registered devices will receive four-digit verification codes via SMS or the “Find my iPhone” service. After this has been done, each and every time you log in to your iCloud, iTunes, or your Apple ID, you will have to enter your four-digit passcode as well as your password, which in turn verifies your identity.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) seems to be the “must-have” App or tool which can bring added security to anyone who uses an iPhone across several wireless networks, including unknown ones. Like everything, some VPN services are free of charge, and some aren’t, but surely a few dollars of your hard-earned money spent on keeping your data protected is a small price to pay.To protect sensitive data, especially when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, users can rely on virtual private networks. The best VPN for iPhone provides several layers of encryption to ensure online safety and identity protection.

Your chosen VPN should offer its users a private network that is secure and will keep you and your personal information and data safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

Lots of people use a proxy server in conjunction with a VPN, so users are safe and anonymous, which is essentially the best of both worlds.

Lock Screen – Disable Siri

The iPhone’s virtual PA, Siri, is a pretty great feature of the iPhone, but on occasion, Siri does let slip information that you wished would have actually stay confidential. You don’t have to shut Siri up completely, but your device would be a lot more secure if Siri isn’t activated from the lock screen or by someone simply shouting, “Hey Siri.”

Cookies – Turn them off

We’ve all heard of them, of course, but do you know what a cookie really is? They are small files that are generated by each and every website, which in turn are left on your device. They contain information about your computer or smartphone, your preferences, or even yourself.

Cookies help websites keep you logged in or show you content they think is relevant to you, like advertisements. However, in some cases, they contain sensitive and personal data that cybercriminals can use to their own advantage.As you can see, there are numerous ways to improve the security of your iPhone.  Each, in turn, has its merits and can certainly help to protect you and your data from the hackers and cybercriminals that, as technology is evolving, are becoming more evolved and more daring themselves. Keeping your private stuff private has never been more important, and hopefully, one day, we will be able to stop these virtual criminals from continuing to hack our data and steal our private information and empty our bank accounts.