Seven Latest Trends in Email Marketing that matter

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With the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, most countries are shaping the way to new norms. Especially the brands that are realizing this challenge and using every method to build meaningful relationships with their customers.

The tools and methods that brands use to promote their products and services have changed enormously. Moreover, these tools are now aligned with the latest trends and projections to get ahead of the game. Therefore, it’s natural that all digital channels are being used more and more specifically; companies have swiftly shifted to channels like email marketing and made them hot again. Since then, email newsletter engagement figures have also grown, and for the majority of the businesses, it has become the primary channel to inform people of virtual events, launches, or new offers. 

Finding the most appropriate approach for email marketing to build a cohesive, customer-centric experience against the backdrop of excessive data is essential. Thus, to make you aware, we are listing some of the key trends that will matter and may seek much attention this year. These are the significant ones that will ace your email marketing strategy and keep your brand on top.

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is beginning to mix with email marketing using advanced technology and edge-cutting software. Many of the marketing newbies are adding artificial intelligence trends to the generation and distribution of newsletters. Utilizing the predictive analytics of machine learning, companies can define the best copy and content and send it at the appropriate time with the right frequency. 

Email Marketing Automation

According to the recent statistics about email marketing, the automation trend is gaining popularity as it helps a marketer step away from manual campaigning. Instead, it sends out a more responsive and ‘friendlier’ communication between each side. Behavior-based email automation gives customers a sense of control over their inboxes, which is why drip email campaigns will perform better and help improve your email marketing results.

Interactive emails

One of the email marketing trends that has found its supremacy in 2021 is interactive emails. They are going strong among email marketing for agencies as they significantly boost customer engagement and helps to increase the interaction process. The features of adding animated CTAs, implementing product carousels, or showcasing products through rollover effects are gaining enough interaction among the masses. Therefore, this trend can give any company a competitive edge to stand out among competitors’ emails.

A Splash of Color

It may sound imperative, but this trend of using a splash of colour can evoke an emotional response. Bright colour always works well with brands, and through your emails or newsletters, you can make a lasting impression by making it fun or relatable. So, knowing about colour psychology uses the right blend of colours and does wonder from a distance.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is the easiest way to make sure your emails are gaining momentum currently. Using responsive templates ensures that all recipients have the most outstanding customer experience when viewing your email. Especially the design part needs to be consistent, and there should be no issues or glitches as you scroll, as this is crucial for any email marketing campaign.

Social Integration

With the growing craze of social networks, enabling emails with social integration is also one of the latest trends that matters in 2021. With potential clients growing every day, many brands are integrating email marketing with social integrations and making pave to stay relevant, connected, and grow social media following. In addition, social media integration in email marketing also presents an opportunity to celebrate your customers and allow social media followers to be in the spotlight.


Knowing the importance of animation can act as a storytelling tool to old boring email designs. In addition, you can use it to infiltrate email marketing campaigns. With some of the best software, you can catch your reader’s attention by creating a genuinely moving email campaign with moving and flashing emails. Thus use this modern app functionality to frame your entire email content within the animation and allow your emails to grab the eye of your readers.

The Takeaway

While it is difficult to predict the future in such unstable circumstances, email marketing has repeatedly proven that it is best to adapt to the change. At the same time, there are many new emerging trends keeping the older ones still in full force. In short, you also need to remember which of the trends could be interesting, relevant, and slay the competition. Thus, ensure you employ them well by giving significant importance to a human-centric, empathetic mindset.

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