RS Games: Appreciable Initiative for Visually Impaired Individuals

RS Games have changed the stereotype vision- physically challenged people or people with low vision can’t participate in video games. RS Games have been working from 2009 to develop accessible games for blind and visually challenged people. Moreover, RS Games is a free web-based gaming platform with loads of choices for games. From online board games, cards to dice and Monopoly games are available on this renowned gaming platform.

However, users have to register themselves before entering the gaming interface. Additionally, a screen reader is necessary for an uninterrupted gaming experience. RS Games even allow users to play within a community by sharing game details and chatting while gaming. Even, multiple players can join the same community using the RS Games Client irrespective of the operating system variation. Let’s get into RS Games in detail.

How to Enter in RS Games?

Games available on the RS Games Client are compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux devices. In addition to this, you can get into the gaming platform by using any web browser. Just type RS Games and click the official site. You would be driven to the home page of RS Games. 

But, you can’t participate in the games if you don’t have a user account on RS Games. So, let’s see how you can make one:

  1. Head towards Menu and opt for Create a New Account from it.
  2. Fill in the requirements such as email address and username for unique account and identification. Always sign up with a valid email. Hence, the platform can send a temporary password for you to log in.
  3. Alternate the set password. Use the Main Menu option to change the credential. 

To login, ensure that you use an existing play account. Deliver the credentials and there you go. In case, you forget your password, resetting passwords is possible with RS Games platform. Opt for the ‘Forgot Password’ link from the official site and it will send you a link over your email address.

How to Play RS Games?

If you don’t prefer playing games on the internet, then you have to use a screen-reader and install the RS Games Client on your PC. RS Games client is compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices. Some of the trusted screen readers are JAWS, VoiceOver or NVDA, etc. 

These screen readers boost the gaming ambience by adjusting the sound effects of the gaming platform. However, if you have successfully logged into the platform, you will notice a user interface of light and dark grey with compatible buttons and icons.

To begin a game, you have to select a particular game. There are numerous free games such as OSRS gold or Runescape gold. Apart from playing games, you can develop and configure new games. The gaming options are available under the Main Menu option. You can navigate through the menu, just by tapping the up and down arrow keys. 

To continue with a menu, tap Enter. Whenever you tap any arrow button on any option, the platform would announce the menu by its name. So that visually impaired people can get to the option and games without any hassle.

Features of RS Games

Being an out-of-the-box innovation, RS Games Client enables you to experience gaming with audio functionalities. So that blinds can experience the games without viewing the icons and gaming interface. 

Here are some interesting features that are supported by the RS Games Client.


Apart from recognizing any menu on the RS Games, the game pounds would help you to detect any kind of game activities. When you select any new game, then the server needs to download it and it will announce that the downloading is going on. With every update, sounds might add or change in the RS Games servers. If you need to adjust the volume, then press F6 or F5 to raise or lower the volume respectively.

Chatting while Gaming

Every game on RS Games Client supports private chatting and group chatting. To initiate the chatting process, you need to press the F2 key. And, all the players would receive the chatting request. Or, you can use the ‘pm user_name message’ command where you have to type the definite username of the player and the message for that dedicated player by replacing that user_name and message. If you can’t remember the username of an individual player then, tap the F8 key, and a list would pop up stating the usernames, available on the gaming network.

On the other hand, you can send real-time voice-chats by pressing Shift, Control and V keys altogether. On Mac, you have to tap Shift, Command and V. To disable the microphone, press Shift, Control and M keys on Windows. Replace the Control key with Command, if you are using a Mac device. Adjusting volume would work with Control and F3 or F4. Replace Control with  Command for Mac devices. 

Friend List

Keep an eye over the list of friends by pressing Control and F. You can add new friends there and send messages too. Moreover, you can ignore or befriend users who keep annoying you. Press Control and L keys together; it will drive you to the list of users to be ignored. You can additionally add or remove users from the list.

Impeccable Gaming Experience for Low Vision

Games such as Monopoly, UNO, Blackjack, 1000 Miles, Apples to Apples, Rummy, Bingo, Zombie Dice and more games are awaiting you at RS Games Client. You would love the platform with your visually challenged friends. There are a handful of games that are free to play and avail a screen reader for the best experience.