Do You Want A Reliable Word to PDF Converter? Switch to PDFBear

in any form is the norm. Thus, this is common when you work online and even offline. Companies rely on a paperless work environment. That is why it is common for digital files to go through several conversions. Conversions also offer you security as you get back-up copies of the same file. Cloud storage is also one of the most sought-after features of any company. With cloud storage, you get the assurance that your converted files won’t get lost in case your computer gets into trouble. PDFBear offers all the tools you need to make your job easy. You can convert Word to pdf or merge pdf online, and so much more! Read on to find out what else you can do with this nifty tool.

Reliability with PDFBear

Unlike most PDF tools that will quit on you in the middle of an intensive task, PDFBear is reliable. It is fast and straightforward. Having PDFBear gets the job done, and that is very important. This converter has all the corporate tools you need. Whether you are working in batches or with a single file, you get your results. The way you want it. You can combine, watermark, or sign documents. The pro version also offers customer support. Thus, this is important when a glitch happens, and you want the help of experts.

PDFBear uses Fast Cloud Technology

For this reason, all your files and documents are stored in the cloud. When your computer shuts down, do still keep your files. You can make PDF Bear as your backup storage space. This idea also goes for converted files. Note that you can access these files anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to repeat the process. You can use PDF Bear’s capabilities to convert your existing files, and you are ready to go.

Security with PDFBear

Security is paramount. Let’s be real; people pay a considerable amount of money for this alone. That is why your documents are always secure with PDFBear’s cloud technology. You can make this tool as your back up. With the pro version, you get unlimited space. You can also work with big files. Unlike other PDF tools that limit file size, PDFBear will accommodate your largest and smallest document. The process is too fast. Considering these things, you save time and money when you switch.

Creating backup copies of your sensitive documents is essential. You could work on legal, medical, or tech products, and you want your documents protected for copyright reasons. PDFBear will handle these for you and so much more.

Do you want to save your PDF? It’s possible. PDFBear has password encryption technology that will prevent your files from getting hacked. So, you can feel safe at the thought whatever happens to your hard drive, your essential files have copies that will stand the test of time.

Should You Get A PDFBear Pro?

The answer depends upon your tasks. If you are working on a straightforward task, then you can use the free version. The free version has all the capabilities of world-renown PDF tools out there. But, if you are continually working on large files daily, you need the help of the pro version. The reasons are simple. It would be best if you had security, reliability, and speed. These qualities are present in the premium version. Plus, if you are working for a big corporation, you understand that your task requires you to use professional tools. By having PDFBear, you will save time and also keep those documents secured.


Try it out now

There are three reasons you need to switch to PDFBear. The first one is that reliability is something that we all value in this fast-paced world. You want to get things done the way you want them. The second is that the security threat is ever-present. That is why it is essential to have backup copies of your existing files. The third one is that we want ease of use. We’ve discussed all the great things about PDFBear, so now it’s time for you to try it out and make everything easy with all your PDF needs.