Not All Is Lost, Even In Your Dead Computer

Imagine, your computer shuts down out of the blue and refuses to render to your efforts of firing it up. As this disaster strikes, you grab your hard drive and check for the data. And it’s all gone too. On a scale of 1-5, the horror this scene holds is marked 10.

Imagining this makes the chill run down your spine, how would you feel if it really happens. You don’t even want to go through it, no one does. But what if it happens to you? What will you do? I have the way out. You can recover the data from your dead PC as well. There are a few different ways and we will go through them one at a time.

Using Hard Drive As External Hard Drive

Every system comes with a different specification. So, before using its hard drive as an external hard drive on another computer, find out the specification of your dead system. Because you will need a computer with the exact same specification for it to read the hard drive as an external hard drive.

Once you have ensured everything, you can begin the process. Connect the hard disk of the dead system to another system and access it through the disk management option. If the other system can’t recognize the drive, check the connections or reconnect it. If it can’t read the drive, change the assigned drive letter. You can do this by right-clicking the hard drive under disk management and selecting change drive letter option. Remember, this could result in Windows not being able to find some files. Save the files from the hard drive, reinstall the OS in your dead computer and transfer the data to it.

Recover Data fom Dead Computer

Using BIOS Utility

To begin recovering your data through BIOS, you must remove the hard disk from your dead system. Reinstall the OS and reboot your system. This can be done only when your computer is not actually dead but is corrupted due to some deleted DLL files, software glitch or broken installer. When your computer starts, you can recover your data from the hard disk. You can even transfer the data into another storage medium. Remember, installing the OS will delete the files in the drive it is being stored in. so, you must install the OS in the drive that doesn’t carry your important files.

Using Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software doesn’t need a connected hard drive. Thus, using this method to recover your data will save you the hassle of connecting and disconnecting the hard drive. You can simply install and run the software for recovering any lost data. And you can pick any data recovery software from the long list available in the market. It is very feasible and easy to use. But make sure that your software is capable of recovering the data from a dead system because not every data recovery software can do so.

What Have We Learned So Far?

Gadgets do fail and your system might too. Hence, you must take the backup of your data on a regular basis. This is the golden rule of using a PC. However, in your worst nightmare, you manage to lose all your data and your PC slips into the abyss of deep sleep, don’t panic. You have the solutions right here, in your hands, and if you are facing problem regarding Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery then Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery Support is the best to give you the accurate solution for your problems.

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