Pro Tips for First-Time Instagram Fashion Bloggers for Achieving Success Quickly

By developing a vibrant presence on Instagram, the most-ideally suited social platform for fashion content, you can win over followers in large numbers who then can be encouraged to visit your website and transact with you. However, you need to be able to optimize the many things needed to establish a happening Instagram fashion account. Some useful tips by people who have been there and done that:

Have an Informative Bio 

With one look at your Instagram account, users should be able to figure who you are and what you do. Make it a point to inform anyone taking a look at your account, the top three things you stand for. It does not matter what it is as long as it is relevant to your niche. Use the bio section to highlight a unique value proposition for your followers. Mention your name and address, and include your contacts like email, phone numbers, and website URL. Make it a point to include an attractive and high-quality profile photo as it helps create an all-important first impression among your followers.

Post Appealing Photos

Instagram is a visual-centric social media platform, and users are sensitive to the photo-quality, diversity, and relevance. They also appreciate originality and authenticity. Even if you are posting photos of the same item, make sure they are shot from different angles or against different backgrounds. It is also important to select a color scheme that will become a distinctive feature of your posts. Use as much natural lighting as possible to highlight your fashion products. Keep the editing low-key so that your photos look more authentic and natural. Instead of just using photos, you can create excitement by using Instagram Live to stream coverage of fashion events and product launches. To add momentum, you can get Instagram live views free from one of the reputed digital marketing agencies.

Craft Compelling Captions 

Even though the focus is on the photos you post in your fashion Instagram account, you can give it context with the help of compelling captions, according to Huffington Post. When there is a chance of users becoming overwhelmed with the visual impact of the photos posted by you and your competitors, it is the captions that can make all the difference in differentiating your fashion blog from the rest. Make it a point to craft the captions in a way that they contain the names of the brands or shops, the features of the outfits, and the ideal situations for wearing them. If you have had a personal experience with the apparel in the photo, don’t hesitate to narrate it. You can use the captions to boost your engagement by asking questions or setting a challenge, or asking them to participate in a contest.

Include Hashtags to Promote Discoverability 

Used carefully keeping in mind the relevance, hashtags are a great device for increasing the visibility of your posts, attracting followers, boosting, engagement and driving traffic to your website or e-commerce platform. The best way to go about it is to research your target audience to understand their profile, their needs and wants, and what questions they are likely to have. Exploring the accounts of the competitors in your niche will help you to uncover the most popular as well as the most effective hashtags. It is best to use a balanced mix of popular and trending hashtags and specific hashtags that cater to the information search by people who know what they want. Even though Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags, studies suggest that the optimum number is between seven and eleven.

Engage Your Followers

Your Instagram fashion account will achieve the desired popularity with followers is by engaging them by posting interesting and original content and then striking up a conversation with them. When users see that you are engaging with them meaningfully, they will elevate you to the status of an expert that will in turn attract more followers. You should actively seek out other fashion accounts to follow and like, comment, and share their posts. You will invariably not only be followed back by the accounts but also by followers of those accounts who find your comments perceptive and your page interesting. Also, make it a point to respond to every comment made by users on your posts, even if they are negative or contentious. Other effective methods of boosting your engagement include asking questions, inviting opinions and views, and holding contests with attractive rewards in the form of freebies and recognition on your page.


Success will follow faster if you can establish your fashion blogger brand. For you to do so, you need to not only evolve a distinctive style but follow it consistently across all your audience touchpoints. By adopting a unique color scheme, preferably derived from your logo colors, and using the same narrative tone, you can carve out an identity that will be easy for Instagram followers to recognize and remember.

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