Penji: A Must-Have for Graphic Designing?

A visual concept is indeed more powerful than words, we all know that. That’s why graphic designing is on the trend to attract audiences through marketing strategies such as — advertisements, magazines, and reports. 

Be it a matter of business logo or the outlook of a business website, nothing is possible without aesthetic graphic design. And, you can easily find out how graphic design services are reliable with customized choices. However, if you’re looking for a freelancer or full-time graphic designer for your business, then you should eye over Penji. 

Penji is a revolutionary name in the world of on-demand graphic design providers. Whether you have pursued a startup or a mini business, Penji would definitely satisfy your graphic designing requirements, for every business. 

If you’re still in doubt, then this review should help you in deciding whether Penji is for your endeavors or not. Let’s find out.

Services Supported by Penji

Before you head over the service plans of Penji, it’s worth checking whether Penji would support your graphic designing requirements. Graphic design services are literally an immensely vast sector and you need to be quite choosy while selecting the on-demand graphic design facilities from individuals or services. 

However, Penji offers the following graphic designing fields, such as:

  • Website design
  • Applications
  • Social Media Graphics
  • T-Shirts
  • Website Logos
  • Branding
  • Digital advertising
  • Print Materials
  • Banners & Flyers
  • Blog Headers
  • Magazine, eBook, and Book Covers

Thus, you can avail more services than expected only from, compared to the priced subscription of them. You might have to spend more if you demand the same graphic design from an expert. Interestingly, all the priced versions of Penji would let you use unlimited graphic designs. However, you might notice restrictions over a few graphic designing options. 

Are you excited to view the plans from Penji? Here you go:


  • Penji offers the scheme named Pro that is bound to be under use for a month. This scheme allows at most two users and one expert graphic designer from the end of Penji. co. 


  • If your blooming graphic design team of up to five members needs help from a professional designer, then you should invest in the Team plan. Additionally, this scheme is destined to last for a month.


  • Last, you might go with the Agency monthly plan. Penji would appoint two dedicated graphic design masters for a team of ten users.

So, it’s your time to decide the perfect plan for your small business.

Features that Make Penji Stand out of All

Before you make any commitment to the Penji subscription plans, it would be wiser to have a glance at the advantages of using Penji. What makes Penji a renowned name in the on-demand graphic designing industry? Let’s dig it out:

Unlimited Graphic Design Options

From a simple advertisement to website graphic design, everything is the treasure bestowed from graphic designing. And, to be at the top among all competing businesses, the graphics should be unique, at any cost. Moreover, personalization is another factor that should be treated equally for graphic design services.

Penji is the platform where you can find suitable and countless options to choose from. However, experienced graphic designers associated with the platform provide you with five-star graphic design services. You can send unlimited graphic requests to the assigned designers as per your service plan. Achieve dedicated design projects only from Penji.

No Hassle with Contracts

It’s one of the key factors of Penji that has impressed us. Employing an individual graphic designer might seem reliable; but, it might cost you way more than you think. Especially, when you are on a leaner budget for your small business, it’s a smart move to go with Penji. 

Penji offers you irresistible graphic design services at a cheaper price and at a flat scheme, every month. On the other hand, you are not liable to pay anything extra when you want to cancel any subscription. Additionally, you can apply for the money-back guarantee, within fifteen days if you feel unsatisfied with the services.

Prompt Services with Unlimited Revisions

Penji surprises us with its light-blazing fast on-demand graphic design services. You can hardly find any competitor who can match such a quick turnaround time promised by the designers. It takes just twenty-four to forty-eight hours for the designers to respond to you with a quality design.

Furthermore, you can check and recheck the offered graphic design according to your convenience, when you have trusted Penji. You need not compromise with your particular needs and quality factors as Penji delivers unlimited revisions. So, it’s the best choice for those businesses who are working on a tight schedule and loads of preferences.

Easy to Use

To realize your graphic design imaginations, Penji is one of the most reliable platforms. You have to just request your project, by mentioning your details, wait for at most two days. And, then download the processed files. Moreover, you can use the platform over the web, Android, iOS, and desktop environments.

With dedicated plans, you even get a chance to inspect the ongoing designs from the experts. To communicate with the graphic design experts, you can use emails to request your recommendations and preferences. And, the experts do listen to the users.

Is for Everyone?

This platform is a big yes to small agencies, marketing bodies, bloggers, social media influencers and startups. If you are into one of them or interested, then you can try Penji and grab the most-suited priced plan for you. But, keep in mind that Penji is unable to serve you if you demand graphic design working for eight to ten hours straight, in a day. 

So, any Disadvantages?

We have already specified that Penji and its designers won’t make a match to a design team who are engaged in a 9-to-5 job. Additionally, you can’t call the dedicated designers; you can only communicate via the dashboard and email options. You need to be very specific about your graphic design service. Or else, your instructions might not be followed up appropriately. Penji is a trendsetter in the graphic design service for particular businesses with impeccable scopes. So, all you need to do is join and experience impeccable service.