Not feeling the new iPhones? A new-to-you option may be the option for you


When it comes to the iPhone, there is no other line of phones more popular. Apple has been changing the game when it comes to smartphones since 2007 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

While Apple continues its dominance in the market of smartphones, newer iPhone models continue to roll out. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the newer models but for some, there’s something missing.

Some people simply don’t like the latest versions of the iPhone but still want a version that is capable in 2021. Fear not as there are affordable options for you if you go the refurbished route.


If you aren’t a big fan of any of the iPhone 12 models but don’t want to pay the retail price for an iPhone from a few years ago, you’re in luck. You can find a refurbished XR iPhone for as low as $259 using The website reviews all listings to ensure the phone isn’t stolen. Swappa also lets customers know whether or not an iPhone is unlocked or under a carrier. The condition of the device is also stated along with images. You can also see how many stars each seller has along with how long they’ve been a member of UpTrade to ensure they are trustworthy.


Amazon is an online retail juggernaut. All certified refurbished phones on Amazon come with a 90-day warranty. A refurbished XR iPhone starts at $339 on Amazon. You can also get a renewed and unlocked iPhone XS for $360. You can actually get many of these phones as soon as the day after you order them through Amazon Prime. With the 90-day warranty in place and the cheaper prices, it may be the best route for you to go.


Of course, eBay was going to make the list. Typically, you will find the iPhone XR to be around the $300 price range on eBay. The pricing fluctuates based on factors such as the phone’s condition, whether or not it’s unlocked, and storage space. On eBay, you can return an item if it isn’t how the seller described it through the money-back guarantee. You will get a full refund if the seller wasn’t accurate in their description. To avoid problems, make sure the seller has mostly positive feedback and has a history of selling products on eBay.


Here’s another option for refurbished iPhones. Gazelle makes sure that every iPhone it sells is thoroughly inspected. Gazelle also has a system in place to ensure that they do not sell phones marked as stolen or lost. Gazelle uses CheckMEND to make sure the devices are free of being blacklisted. When a phone is blacklisted for being lost or stolen, that phone can’t connect to a network. It can be a huge burden to the buyer who simply wanted to get a good deal on an iPhone. Gazelle ensures that this will never be an issue for its customers.

For some people, the newer iPhone models simply aren’t creating a spark for them. Luckily, some iPhones created back in 2018 still pack a punch in 2021. With 4G connectivity and the horsepower to run most apps, your refurbished purchase of a phone from 2018 may end up being a smart decision.

You can end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars by going with an older model that is still capable today and in the future depending on your needs. Just make sure you’re doing your due diligence if you’re considering buying an iPhone from a third-party seller.

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