Necessary Software Tools for a Good Institution

Students go to institutions to learn new things and build their knowledge base. This process is aided by working systems within the institution such as good infrastructure and great tutors. However, that is not the end of it; a perfect institution should have the necessary educational tools for an effective and smooth learning process.

In the past, institutions were majorly focusing on the infrastructure because learning was more traditional. Nowadays, with the emergence of technology people are shifting to e-learning, meaning institutions should focus on the online tools that supports education. E learning has been accelerated, in recent times, thanks to Covid – 19

A good institution should be able to incorporate tools that enhance the easy learning process. These tools include video conferencing, digital registration, digital attendance; tuition management, remote access software, collaborative software, etc. let us have a look at these tools.

  1. Online Registration Tools

Institutions do have registrations of all sorts throughout the year. For example, registration of new students and those who participate in various co-curriculum activities like games and others. Rather doing this kind of registration manually, an institution should have a software to help ease the process.

The tool, however, should offer great usability to both the parents and students. If a parent wants to enroll a student for a certain program, the information should be easily available and the system should be easy to navigate.

The registration tool you choose should have forms that are customized depending on their need. This program management software relieves you of the stress of keeping track of paper forms and updating the registration list because it updates and monitors your programs automatically.

Self-registration learning management systems you can use include but are not limited; Thinkific, Moodle, GyrusAim, Tovuti, etc.

These tools can be merged with electronic signing so that the students can sign their forms online at the end of the registration process. This tool helps in the smooth registration process.

  1. Centralized Information

Another software a good institution should have is one that provides centralized information. Clear communication in any organization is very important so is the institution. Centralized communication between teachers, parents, and students is vital for the smooth learning process.

The software you choose should be easy to use for the parents. It will help them in verifying and updating their children’s information at the comfort of their homes.

There are lots of centralized students’ information tools e.g. Alma, RIO Education, MyClassCampus, K12NET, SchoolCues.

  1. Digital Attendance Program

Working parents usually have very busy schedules. They have very little time for their children. A good school should try to do everything possible in making sure that their students are safe and accounted for every time.

Having a digital attendance tracking tool will save your day. This tool works well when you integrate it with the afterschool program. It updates the attendance records in real-time for your program. It accurately tracks students who attended your program, recording the time they take in the program and where they are while they are in the program.

With this tool, you can manage students easily while they are in the program. It also allows parents and guardians to safely sign their children in and out of the program. With a digital attendance tracker, parents are identified with their photo and password.

This tool gets rid of the paper list and with it, you rest assured that the right authorized individual picks-up the student when he leaves the program. The digital tracking program for your institution includes but not limited to Hero, GoGuardian Teacher, Active Education, Top Hat, etc.

  1. Software for Tuition Management

This tool is important for schools that run before and aftercare programs. Imagine keeping track of paper payment of over 1000 students? How exhausting can that be? With the tuition management tools, your payments are managed digitally. It reduces the time and effort you might take when following every payment that has been made. In short, this tool simplifies your payment collection.

The software for tuition management includes Calendly, PCR Educator, Rediker, Gradelink SIS, etc.

  1. Exam software

The most important part of intuition be it primary, secondary, or tertiary is examinations. At the end of learning, learners must be tested to determine their retention prowess. With the day-to-day advancement of technology, education has also advanced its exam testing techniques.

There are many online tools that offer online exam testing. One advantage of some of these tools is that they can detect exam cheating, which is very common among learners. Some of the tools such as exam testing can be used to set exams, and then analyze cumulatively the performance of the learners.


Shifting to remote learning means institutions should focus more on technological tools for easier and effective collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.

Parents are usually busy and they barely get time to go the institutions to check on their children’s progress. With this tools incorporated in institutions, they can regularly check on the progress of their children.

There are millions of tools online. The choice of the tool to incorporate in your system will depend on the courses you offer.