10 Ridiculously Easy Steps to Solve Mouse Not Working Issue

The mouse is one of the most important parts of computer hardware at least for the non-touch systems. There can be several reasons for your computer mouse not working.

You can connect your mouse both by wire using the USB port or via PS/2 ports and wirelessly. Most of the basic mouses work right out of the box.

Mouse not working

So, you don’t have to perform a driver installation process because for those OS already has the driver ready for installation. But for the special mouse such as a gaming mouse, you need to install a driver software.

Fix- USB Mouse Not Working

Here are the reasons because of which your USB Mouse may not work properly. Try these fixes given here. This will surely help you to get away with your mouse not working problem.

USB Mouse

Hardware Problem or Bad Port

Firstly, Check whether you are facing the problem for a bad port. Or the port in which you are inserting your mouse is working properly or not. If you insert your mouse in the wrong port you may receive some error message like ‘USB mouse not recognized’ error message.

Follow these steps to check it:

Step 1: Use another mouse and see if that works

Step 2: If the new mouse you inserted works on your computer, try the old one with a different system.

If the mouse still does not work you can be sure of the fact that you need to change that mouse and there is no issue with your computer port.

Mouse Software or Driver Clash

Run your Computer in Safe Mode and check whether your mouse is working or not. If the mouse works in Safe Mode there might be a driver or software conflict between your computer and the mouse you are using.

Here are the steps below to fix those problems:

  • Open Windows Device Manager
  • Navigate to the mouse option and then Click on the ‘+’ symbol
  • Spot each of the mouse devices
  • Enter the ‘Delete’ button. And delete all other mouse options from the computer.

Resolving Connection Issue

You need to connect your mouse properly to use it. Follow the things we have shared to fix the errors of your mouse.

Disconnect the mouse cable and connect it to a different USB Port. Or if your mouse is connected to a USB hub you just need to unplug that and insert it into the USB Port on the back of your computer.

You can always disconnect the mouse and insert it again if your mouse has worked properly in the past.

If the problem you are facing is a wireless one then the following steps will surely help you to troubleshoot the problem.

Wireless Mouse Not Working – Easy Fixes

First of all, try some common troubleshooting steps before going into the actual solution. Ideally, it should take a few minutes so let’s troubleshoot and find the root of the problem.

Check whether your mouse is receiving power or not. Usually, the wireless mouse comes with a light indicator check if the light is on or not.

Wireless Mouse

Restart your mouse. Locate the Power Switch of your Wireless mouse which generally remains on the bottom side. Press the power switch to switch of the mouse. After waiting for sometime press the same switch again to on the mouse.

The Problem not solved yet? Try these advanced steps to solve the problem.

Replace The Batteries of Your Mouse

It is might be the simplest thing ever but many of the people forget to change the batteries to resolve the issues associated with a wireless mouse. Swap the set of batteries you are using with a new one. Make sure you installed them properly.

Check The Wireless Receiver

Keep the wireless receiver within range, and make sure that it is not blocked. You can disconnect the wireless receiver and reconnect it to a different port.

If you are using a Bluetooth device to connect your mouse make sure you have paired it properly.

Clean Your Mouse

If the mouse pointer is not moving properly or if it is moving haphazardly or less responsive than before, clean your mouse and check whether it is improving its performance or not. It is better not to use alcohol. Since that can remove the color of the mouse.

Just use a can of condensed air and cotton swab to clean your mouse. While some of the manufacturer companies suggest cleaning their products with mild dish detergent. But it’s better not to do so.

Take a Look at The Mouse Driver

You must install a driver software to use the Wireless mouse on your computer.

Go to your Computer’s device manager and check whether you have installed the driver software for the particular mouse you are using.

If there is a driver installed check whether it is updated or not. Just update your mouse driver software and the issues will be resolved.

Now it’s time to bid adieu guys. Having problems with any other computer peripherals? Ask for the solution here. Comment your problem through the comment box below and I’ll get back to you with the solution.

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