Logitech G933 Mic Not Working? 4 Ways to Fix

The facility of using headphones in your computer has been the trend for the past few decades. It helps you in talking to your dear ones over audiovisual calls. Some of the experts believe that the headphones with mic that comes from Logitech perform the best amongst all the other headphones. It is built especially for PC activities. 

Now, imagine a situation, your friend calls you on a video calling platform, but he/she can’t hear you. Oops, your Logitech G933 mic not working any more. So, what’s your opinion? Hopefully, you are not having only one headphone, right? OK, relax, don’t panic you will get the ultimate solution regarding the problem. 

What might be the causes? 

Well, technically there are various causes behind the Logitech G933 mic not working problem. Some of them are like outdated Windows versions, bugs in the new update, malfunctions in the microphone levels, headphone port issues in the computer and others. 

Fix the G933 Mic not working with Ease

Fixing the issue easily will help you in using the headphones once again. Let’s check out all the effective methods that will resolve the issue. 

1. Grant the System Permission

Whenever you are plugging in a new device to your computer, it shows up the pop-up notification, asking you to grant access to use the device in the system. This only happens when you are using Windows 10. Move on to the Settings and in the Privacy option, you have to turn on the Microphone toggle. Thus, granting the permission to transfer the headphone audio in full-duplex mode. 

2. Check the System Sounds 

For Windows 10 it’s the Settings. And for others, it’s the Control Panel that will help you in adjusting and making necessary changes in the system sounds. From the Recording tab, you will be able to see all the disabled and enabled devices. If the headphone is disabled, you have to enable it, and then check whether the mic is working correctly or Logitech G933 mic not working. 

3. Update the Headphone Firmware 

Yes, some of the Logitech headphones that have built-in mic runs on a firmware. If the firmware is outdated, some of the features might not work in the headphones. That is why connect the headphone with the USB adapter to your computer. Find out the Logitech firmware utility with the help of Command Prompt. It might take a few minutes to update the firmware depending on the speed of the internet connection. 

4. Update the System Audio Drivers

Outdated system audio drivers can also stand as a barrier in audio functionalities. Depending upon what motherboard you are using, you have to download the drivers from its official website. If you are using a laptop, then the brand’s website will deliver you all the necessary drivers. If you install the drivers once again, it will replace all the previous outdated ones.

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What if there are issues in your headphones?

When every method goes in vain, then there must be some issues with your headphones. Temporarily pack up the headphones in the box with all the documentation. Take it to the experts nearby to immediately repair the issue with Logitech G933 mic n4. t working. 


It is better to select an authorized service centre for genuine spare parts replacement. If the issue is critical, then they will replace the device. On the other hand, you will be able to avail this facility if the device’s international warranty is valid.