Lisnic, the best guidance platform for new entrepreneurs

platform for new entrepreneurs

Today, many people are starting out in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. And to bring a business idea to life, many things are required, including experience in developing both the business and a strong managerial mindset.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, you need to prepare yourself and learn about the different aspects of the business, and one of the best ways to prepare yourself is to talk to successful entrepreneurs. This way, you can learn a lot from them as they have been in your position and know all the challenges you might face when starting your business. The best place to find a business mentor is on the Lisnic platform.

Lisnic is a platform that has completely changed the process of finding a business mentor because people can set their search parameters including their budget to find the perfect mentor for them. After you post your mentor application, it goes out to all the mentors that match your parameters, and they bid on your application, and then you decide which mentor you want to work with.

This platform besides allowing you to learn from successful entrepreneurs who have built from scratch millionaire companies, also allows you to find mental mentors such as psychologists and professional therapists. And the mental part plays a vital role in the path of entrepreneurship because you have to be mentally strong to deal with all the challenges of having a business. Moreover, due to the pandemic that we are living in, this generates an additional mental burden, which cannot be underestimated.


Venturing into your own business can be challenging and even a little scary if it’s your first time doing it, but having the support and guidance of a mentor can be a game-changer and the deciding factor in creating a successful and thriving business.