Jobs for graduates with a degree in BA LLB

Goddess Justitia, the symbol of power and supremacy, guarantees protection to one’s civil liberties and justice to her countrymen. The lady in a blindfold, Goddess Justitia, ensures fairness to every person based on substantial evidence. She believes that justice must be served at any cost, either early or late, but an innocent should not get convicted. She follows the Indian Constitution and acts according to it. The Constitution of India abides its citizens by the law. Lady Justitia teaches her students to practice law without any external influence. Therefore, those who wish to earn BA LLB degree are expected to keep up the standard of impartial justice in the country.

Those who practice law have massive respect in our society. Practicing law is considered one of the most prestigious professions in India. An aspiring law student needs to be well-versed with the law’s language as any decision taken by the court makes a difference in an individual’s life.  

Apart from being a reputed lawyer in society, a student who pursues studies B.A. in LLB can make a career in several other fields. All the jobs offered after the completion of the course provide a handsome salary package. 

Additionally, pursuing B.A. in the LLB program from a top-ranked university of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, promises you a better future through campus placement. Let us talk about some of the decent jobs for LLB graduates in India or abroad. 

What are the career prospects of B.A. in the LLB programme?

    • State Bar Councils: An LLB graduate can practice as an advocate in the state bar council. Advocacy is the most preferred profession among students who study law. It pays well but a student is required to qualify for the examination conducted by the All India Bar Council to practice in the court.
    • Indian and Foreign Law Firms: LLB students can also work as Legal Advisors for some Indian and Foreign Law Firms. Legal Advisors are responsible for advising on legal matters of the companies.
    • Journalism: A student with a strong knowledge of various rules and regulations, commissions, and tribunals can work with a media house as a Legal Journalist. Big media houses offer attractive remuneration to Legal Journalists.
    • Government service: A law student can also make a career in the government sector. They can join the Indian Army or Administrative services. However, they have to must crack the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. They also have the opportunity to also work with the Department of Legal Affairs as a Legal Advisor.
  • Consulting Firms: A student can also become an entrepreneur by opening starting a consulting firm. There he can advise on various issues.
  • Legal Researcher: In this profession, LLB graduates assist some senior advocates or research on the cases individually to explore ways and methods to win a case.

Apart from these professions, an LLB graduate can work in Multinational Companies (MNCs), Legal Cells of Private or Public sector companies, or Global Audit and Compliance Firms.

Apply for this coveted degree today if you are willing to change society by your decisions.