3 Most Effective Hacks to Solve iPhone Not Charging Issue Within Minutes

All the effort you made to charge your iPhone went in vain? Finding iPhone not charging is not rare for the iPhone users. So, before heating with anxiety alarm let’s try some easy troubleshooting steps to fix your iPhone not charging issue.

iPhone Not Charging

I think you have already tried a lot by twisting your charging cable to solve the issue. The problem can be with the charging cable. So before trying anything else let’s concentrate on the basics.

iPhone Not Charging – Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Take a close look at your charging cable. If possible ask your friend for the same and use it to be sure the problem is not with the cable. Is the other cable working? Then the problem is exactly with the cable. Replace the charging cable to solve the problem.

Is your iPhone charging slowly?

Often people try to charge their iPhone with the iPad charger. Are you trying the same? Then it is obvious your iPhone will charge slowly. iPhone and iPad chargers are of different capacities. That’s why when you try to charge your iPhone with the iPad charger the process tends to get slow. And you will find that your iPhone says its charging but it’s not.

Now, take a look whether your iPhone’s charging port is fine or not. You may need to clean the port at times Which is as easy as brushing your teeth. Here is my guide on how to cleaning your iPhone Charging port.

How to Clean iPhone Charging Port?

There can be some junks or debris in the charging port which obstructing your charger. As I said before it is really easy. Here are some simple steps which can help you.

  • Firstly, take a flashlight and use it to check whether there are any junks or debris present in the port.

iPhone Chariging Port not working

  • Is there any? Remove the junks from the charging port
  • Then, take a soft brush which is not an electrical conductor and brush the port gently.(Your regular toothbrush will be best to do the job)

Finally, your iPhone charging port is completely cleaned. Check if it is working properly now.

Have you tried all the above fixes? The issue not resolved yet? You have to try some advanced steps. Here are things you can try to solve the problem.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

There might be software issues which not letting your iPhone charging. iPhone has dedicated software which allows it to charge. Check for any software malfunction. Hard resetting your iPhone can solve the issue temporarily. Follow the steps here

If you are a user of iPhone 7 or its newer version then Press and Hold the Power Button along with the Volume down Button.

If you are on iPhone 6S or older version press and hold both the power button and the home button together.

Performed all of these steps but your iPhone not charging yet? Here is another method you can try to solve the problem

Put your iPhone into DFU Mode and Restore

Restoring your iPhone in the DFU Mode can easily solve the issue. It is none other than a fancy term used for factory data reset. So, before proceeding with these things remember to Backup all your data into iTunes. Since factory resetting the phone will remove all the data stored on it.

Now, Follow the steps given here to restore your iPhone.

  • Firstly, plug in your iPhone into the computer and open iTunes
  • Now, Press and hold the Power button and the Home button also for 8 seconds
  • After that release the power button but keep holding the Home button. Until you get the message ‘iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode’
  • Then release the home button. The iPhone’s screen will be completely black when you successfully enter DFU Mode.
  • Now from here, you can easily restore your iPhone using the iTunes.

iPhone Restore

This will readily solve the iPhone not charging issue.

Now it’s time to bid adieu guys. Hope the article helped you in solving the issue. You can tell me about the other issues with your iPhone by using the comment box. All the tech geeks out do you have any other easy solution to fix this issue? Please share with us.

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