7 Common iPad Problems And Their Powerful Solutions

The new iPad 2018 has the unique pencil-compatible feature. According to the teardown experts, the sixth generation iPad features are hardest to repair. Similarly, your iPad problems are no exception to that.

Let’s accept the fact! iPads are too expensive to lose. None of us could afford to lose its accessibility as this comes with such high price and great features. But this is very normal that sooner or later, every technical device can go wrong. And the same thing goes here too.

iPad Problems

Apple has taken a huge leap by launching a huge number of iPad series this year. In spite of having such great features, you may go through some technical glitches every now and then.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At Your Common iPad Problems

Slow And Laggy Keyboard

You can occasionally meet with this keyboard issue. It works slowly when you are using your email or iMessage. Even if you try using the third-party keyboard, this problem remains the same.

Potential Solutions

  • Settings—> General—> Accessibility—> Guided Access—> Turn off Accessibility mode


  • Settings—> iCloud—> Documents and Data—> Turn it Off


  • Settings—> General—> Reset all settings


  • Settings—> General—> Keyboards—> Add new keyboard

Interface Orientation Stuck To Landscape Or Portrait

The iPad does not switch to any mode except Landscape or Portrait even though the device is rotated.

Potential Solutions

  • Restart the Power button
  • Settings—> General—> Side Switch—> navigate to the “Lock Rotation”—> Turn it Off
  • Open the multitasking screen and slide the app window up
  • Settings—> General—> Reset all settings

Crashing, Rebooting And Performance Issues

With the latest update of iOS 11 and above, you must have faced these iPad Problems. It freezes, reboots and pulls down the performance. This is almost a regular issue with your iPad.

iPad Issues

Potential Solutions

  • Settings—> General—> Accessibility—> Increase Contrast—> Reduce transparency
  • Close all the apps running in the background by swiping the windows up
  • General—> Reset—> Reset all settings and content

Connectivity Issues

This is the most usual problem that you face with your iPad. Your iPad doesn’t connect or maintain the connection with the WiFi network and Bluetooth Pairing.

Potential Solutions

  • Settings—> General—> Reset—> Reset Network Settings


  • Settings—> Bluetooth—> Turn it off and on again
  • Cellular—> Cellular Data—> Turn it off and on again
  • Settings—> General—> Reset—> Reset all settings

Camera Application Crashes

iPad camera comes with a very high resolution. And this is one of the basic iPad problems that the camera application keeps on loading and crashes while using.

Potential Solutions

  • Swipe up the camera app and all other apps running in the background
  • Settings—> General—> Restrictions—> Check if the Camera app is allowed
  • Settings—> General—> Reset—> Reset all settings

Activation Error

“iPad could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable”. This is the error message that you might be receiving while trying to activate your iPad. This occurs with the cellular data-capable versions of the device.

Potential Solutions

  • Remove the sim card—> Perform a hard reset—> Re-insert the Sim card
  • Remove your older sim card and insert a new one
  • Connect with the Apple Support experts for setting up cellular service

Safari Crashing

You must have come across the unexpected Safari app closing. It generally occurs when you have opened multiple tabs or you are trying to open another tab.

Safari crashing in iPad

Potential Solutions

  • Settings—> Safari—> Clear History and Clear Cookies And Data
  • Settings—> General—> Reset—> Erase all content and settings

These are the solutions that I have tried and they worked well for me. But you must know that every individual is facing different iPad Problems.

So if they are not solving your problems, you should take help from an experienced technical person. As per my advice, contact the Apple Customer Support for an expert help.

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Also, let me know if my article was helpful to you. It would be a great pleasure for me to know if my solutions have been effective.

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