Quick Steps To Follow When HP Printer Is Not Printing

I bought an HP Printer a few months back. Owing to its amazing features, HP did not let me down for a couple of months. But, suddenly I found that my HP Printer is not printing! Despite having a printer, connections and PC, I struggled hard to complete my presentations at work.

So, I know how useless one can feel if the printer just stops working without a prior warning. Especially if you aren’t a tech geek, resolving this issue can be hard.

HP Printer is not printing

Thus, I have crafted easy and DIY solutions for all HP Printers, not working issues. See, HP Printers may stop working due to various reasons. 

Let’s just brush up on the possible causes along with their quick solutions.

Follow These Steps When HP Printer Is Not Printing

Re-check The Installation Of Ink Cartridges

Often incorrect installation of ink cartridges results in HP Printer copy problems. Check whether HP Printer cartridges and printheads are installed appropriately.

Also, see if the ink cartridges have sufficient ink. If it is empty, replace the ink cartridge with the new one. Use genuine HP Cartridges. If your printer is still not printing, follow the next step.

Reset HP Printer

Reset your Printer. HP Printer often prints blank pages because the printer was not reset properly. A printer reset clears the error message.

Resolve HP Printer Issues

Turn the printer on.

Disconnect the power cord with the printer turned on.

  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for few minutes. Now, secure the power cord back into the wall outlet
  • Reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  • Turn your printer on and check if the printer works properly.

Have An Eye On Firewall

Check if the firewall is preventing the printer from functioning. Open the firewall preferences and add the printer software executable file (*.exe ) as an exception or disable the firewall to check if the error still lingers.

Keep Your Printer Clean

Clean the Printhead Manually. The printhead might be installed incorrectly or there might be ink or debris on the printhead electrical contacts.

clean hp printer printhead

Caution- Printhead contacts contain sensitive electronic components that can be easily damaged. Make sure to use materials like-

  • A clean cotton swab
  • A clean lint-free cloth
  • Distilled or bottle. Make sure not to use tap water because it contains contaminants that can damage the printhead.

Corrupted Printhead, maybe?

If your HP Printer is not printing even after cleaning the printhead, then there is some issue with your printhead itself. Your previous printhead may be corrupted or incompatible with the printer

Get new printhead Assemblies from authorized HP service providers. You can also purchase a new printhead and replace the old one.

Wrap Up

I hope the above steps have helps you to resolve HP Printer is not printing error. If you are still unable to print contact HP to service the printer.

Still unable to resolve your HP printer issues? Or have I missed out on an important point? Feel free to interact in the comment section below.

Hope you have a good day!

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