How World Of Warcraft Turned Into A Successful Brand


It is hard to disagree that World of Warcraft is the game that literally every inhabitant of the developed countries of the modern world has heard about. If you have never tried to play Warcraft, try it, you will surely fall in love with the exciting construction of strategies, fantastic characters and a wonderful plot! However, today we will not talk about how to play World of Warcraft. Today we want to talk about its history, features and understand what exactly turned the game into such a big brand.

How it started

The legendary World of Warcraft game belongs to Blizzard. The guys from Blizzard had to work very hard to create and develop the game. Their story begins in 1994. Moreover, the ideological inspiration of this game was once incredibly popular, and now no longer existing Dune 2.

After a very short time, the “great-uncle” of World of Warcraft – the game “Orcs and Humans” appears in the arena. Of course, the graphics then left much to be desired and modern players would definitely fall into shock. But then for gamers it was a breakthrough and an ideal of beauty. Yes, many things were still buggy and did not want to behave correctly, but the game was already very exciting and interesting. The main thing is what attracted us to the game: it laid the initial foundation of a special Warcraft game world, which today has turned into a huge universe with its own history.

But in 1995, the developers created Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, which became a real game hit of that time. All the same orcs and people who were still present in the first part continued to conduct their usual showdowns. But now it was happening much more meaningful and more convenient for the player. And of course, special attention was paid to the graphics and quality of the game, the developers tried very hard and pumped their product. And although the second part of Warcraft was registered under MS-DOS, it worked fine on Windows 95. In addition, there was also a special version for Macintosh. A year later, there were already more than 1 million officially sold copies of the game. However, it is also important to note that today the level of piracy is much lower than it was then.

How it is going

So, the next important stage in the life of the game comes – 1999, when Blizzard releases a version of WarCraft II: Edition. In this version of the game, the coolest opportunity to play via LAN and the Internet has already appeared. It became clear that, having tasted success, the company would not stop. The game world was waiting for the continuation, waiting for news and updates!

In 2003, the third part of Warcraft, The Frozen Throne, was released. It was a real breakthrough, the fans cheered! And here there was an incredible rise of the brand, its popularity skyrocketed. New copies were sold out by hundreds of thousands. Maybe it’s time for developers to stop? No, it’s not about Blizzard. At the beginning of 2004, the representative office It opened in Europe, and then, in November 2004, the long-awaited premiere World of Warcraft came out. An online game with amazing features and excellent functionality. Tens of thousands of players subscribed to the game every day, and the developers continued to improve their product. Gradually Blizzard fixes bugs and conducts a massive PR campaign, attracting more and more new players to the game. This actually was the moment which gave the beginning of modern game’s look, wherу you should communicate, be open and update tour characters. Nowadays it’s even easier thanks to such services as

In 2007, the game became the most popular online game in the world! At that time, the MMORPG World of Warcraft gained more than 8 million subscribers. By 2010, the number of fans of the game increased to 10 million. And now it is clear that this was just the beginning… According to official company data at the beginning of 2014, the total number of WOW players is estimated at a crazy figure – 100 million people. Huge numbers!

In the period from 2004 to 2014, several add-ons were released at once, which became the main source of game traffic. It was noticed that as soon as the company announced a new addition, the number of subscribers instantly increased. What can I say, Blizzard knows the gaming market very well and is well-versed in how to attract its audience. They created their own brand on their own, following the call of their heart and the love for their product that has always been there.

The game has become so popular that full-fledged works of fiction have been written based on it, and even a full-scale feature film has been shot and released! Which is also a good move for promotion. Watch, by the way, a very courageous movie! In addition to selling services on its game servers, the company earns colossal sums on the sale of souvenirs, clothing and paraphernalia based on the game. There is even a separate board game for the world of WOW. In short, the brand has been officially created, it is really a company and a brand with a capital letter, which has competently built its image and perfectly supports it.

Here is such an interesting story about the brand of the legendary game. Now, knowing such an amazing success story charge up for wins and play for fun!

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