How to Use Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder?

Bondic is also similar to plastic welding. It’s an essential task nowadays. You can say that it’s a kind of soldering gun. Bondic is usually used to repair any type of home stuff. Most of the time, we use superglue if anything breaks. Superglues are very familiar to us. But bondic is more effective than superglue.

Plastic welder creates a molecular chain with two consistent thermoplastics whenever you use it. This tool uses polymer material to attach objects and make a layer. Also, there is a UV light to cool the polymer and turn it into a solid form. The liquid of the bondic won’t become solid until you apply the LED to it.

However, it is effortless to use a bondic liquid plastic welder. But there are some facts that you have to notice before using it. Suppose you are a beginner, then learn how to use a bondic plastic welder. Follow the steps from this article to learn how to use a bondic to attach any broken objects.

When You Will Use Bondic


Bondic liquid plastic welder is applied in order to attach broken objects, create new kinds of stuff, or replace a missing part. It works efficiently and is more convenient than regular superglue. But there are more situations where you can use bondic. Let’s see the situations below where you can easily use these:

  • Gaps filling.
  • Replacement of missing items.
  • Make molds.
  • Attach broken car parts.
  • Seal products to get rid of water and other damages.

Bondic is strong enough and hardens fast. You can use this product for a lifetime until the liquid substance is finished. Also, this can be used on a  variety of stuff. A great thing about bondic is that it never changes or has an effect on the color of the products. You can paint and sand this too, which is not possible with other adhesives.

How to Use Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Through the Bondic guide, I have gathered essential information on using a bondic liquid plastic welder. Here are some steps below that you have to follow properly:

Set up the workplace:

You must need a suitable place for welding. Finding a place with a sufficient workplace and proper ventilation system is necessary. Ventilation will protect you from dust. So try to work in an open space room for enough ventilation.

Wear gloves:

It’s good to wear gloves while welding with the bondic. Gloves will protect your hands from the unexpected injuries that can be caused by the bondic.

Clean the plastic:

An essential step of bondic is cleaning the area of the plastic where you will use it. Cleaning the plastic before using the bondic will help you create an ideal condition for sturdy attachment. You can clean the dust from the surface of the plastic with a tissue, pad, or anything like that.

Activate the LED:

There is a LED light on the top of the bonding plastic welder. This LED light is used to bond, fill the required area, build metals like plastic or wood parts. After putting the liquid into something, apply the LED to turn it into a solid. The liquid becomes solid and will stay for many years.

Make a shape on the broken area:

First, activate the LED and apply bondic and several layers the shape of the broken part has been restored. Continuously use the LED on the liquid to make it harden immediately. Apply the file to get a smooth surface after the liquid becomes hardened.


You can fix a low voltage cable with the bondic. First, remove the residue from the surface by using the bondic clean pad. Activate LED and apply bondic on the respective damaged area. Don’t forget to contact the liquid with the bondic LED to make it solid. Apply bondic and layers until the desired shape is achieved.

You can also use this for various purposes such as:

  • Decreasing the tension on an item
  • Changing a damaged part of the plastic
  • Creating a connection between two parts of items
  • Creating bonds in places where you can’t use standard glue
  • Providing insulation to bare wires
  • Fixing small leakages

How to remove bondic quickly?

Sometimes the liquid from your Bondic pen can be dropped into the table or other places. We all know that the bondic won’t become hardened until you apply led on it. If you do it intentionally or happened suddenly, then you can easily remove it too. Follow the steps below to remove the bondic quickly:

Use a sharp shove and try to remove the bondic for a few moments. You can use a toothpick or other plastic object instead of a sharp blade. If the bondic amount is enough, use a knife.

Now, rub the place where the bondic was dropped, and you can see that the bondic is removed correctly.

Using the bondic plastiC welder is depending on you. So use it carefully and with more attention.

Is Bondic Better Than Superglue?

Bondic Better Than Superglue

With the reparation method, you can repair any and other broken parts with the bondic. The bondic can attach any object permanently. This product can adjust adhesive strength in different places and connect the parts by combining.

On the other side, super glue works differently. Regular glue doesn’t need UV light to harden the liquid-like bondic. The liquid becomes hardened instantly after applying to anything. Also, superglue is a temporary solution. It can be broken or displaced at any time.

Bondic liquid plastic welder has many more benefits that make it best from the rest. That’s why it’s better than regular superglue.

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Features

Bondic has many excellent features too. This product is placed on the top after the glue falls. Let’s see the features of the bondic:

  • Super resistance
  • Convenience
  • Savings
  • Easy to use
  • Never dry out.


We have to face the annoying problem of fixing broken objects that is very necessary. Sometimes the things also become damaged just a few days after buying them. Repair or attach the damaged parts is the best option then. For repairing any broken objects, people usually use regular glue. But a bondic liquid plastic welder is the best solution. You can restore anything from toys to jewelry with the bondic.

However, you can easily use bondic glue. It’s not a hard task. All you have to do is to follow the steps above from this article. This article has the proper information on your necessary topic, and it will help you a lot.

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