How to Test the Quality of Printer Ink?

Whenever you think of purchasing ink cartridges, the first thing that should be running through your mind is whether your printing quality will live up to your expectations. If you want whatever you print to be of the highest quality possible, you must look at the ink you purchase. One of the things you should be looking at is the price of the ink. If it is too low, then there is a high possibility you will be disappointed with the ink quality. You end up getting the incorrect colors, long-duration to dry up and prints that fade away with time. The ink quality should be among the top considerations you make whenever you want to select a cartridge. You want a reliable option such as hp 902 ink that will give you an incredible printing experience. If you are interested in knowing how to test the quality of printer ink, the following guideline got you covered:

Use a test page

If you want to know your ink quality, one of the best ways is to print a test page. You can access test page printing from the control panel menu right from your computer. All you need is the option for printing a test page. If anything, sometimes it is possible to print your test page from the printer’s software. It all depends on the printer and the software used by the manufacturer. With your test page printed, you can evaluate the quality of the ink. If you notice any inconsistencies, such as being thin and streaked, you may want to replace your ink. Sometimes it could be a clog in the nozzle, so make sure you observe all possibilities before making a decision.


While not all ink will be waterproof, it does not mean that it is less superior than other options in the market. However, when the ink you use for printing is waterproof, it is a clear indication there is some quality in there. If possible, you can perform different tests to check how the ink behaves when it comes into contact with water.

Check how long it takes to dry

Sometimes, you print a document or a piece of paper, and you realize it just bleeds out. Suppose you are wondering why it could be because the ink takes too long to dry up. Quality ink should dry up as quickly as possible, and that is why you need to test the drying time before making any purchase.

Try an alternative test page

Sometimes the standard test page may not serve you as well as you would like, and you end up being indecisive with your results. Likewise, you might be interested in testing specific ink colors, and the best option is to use alternative test pages. They help you determine the ink levels and the print quality you are dealing with. Sometimes you can opt to look for an alternative test online. However, when choosing, you must be careful since some of the tests may require using a lot of ink than others making them wasteful and not worth whatever you gain from the trial. Ensure you get the best ink quality in the market to avoid ending up with a poorly printed document that may destroy your business reputation.

Check for light resistance

If you want quality printer ink, you must find out about its resistance to light. The test involves manufacturers exposing prints to light in a test chamber. After sufficient exposure, the next step is measuring the colorimetric difference by comparing it with the unexposed test prints with delta E. Depending on how the ink you choose is resistant to light, you can determine its quality of prints, so you must be careful not to make a mistake.

While there are many products out there and a high possibility of choosing the wrong printer ink, you must go for the option that gives you a more reliable product. You might question yourself why you should test, and after all, ink is just ink. On the contrary, testing is crucial to understand various aspects of the ink, including its color, viscosity and rub. All these should help you find an option that is ideal for your needs. The results you achieve play a crucial role in how your printed documents will look like.