How About Band 5?

HONOR brought consumers the first Kirin 810 mobile phone smart 9X series. It also brought notebook computer MagicBook Pro and newly upgraded Band 5 at the new product launch. Band 5 looks the same as the previous generation. After the screen is lit, it becomes different. This HUAWEI Band 5 review will show you about this new product.

Multiple Dials Interact with the System

The most intuitive feeling of using the displayable device depends on the quality of the screen. This is true of mobile phones and bands. The band has color, reading information will become more intuitive and efficient. HONOR has added a color display screen since the previous generation of smart bands. With the function of raising the hand and lighting the screen, information such as time, weather and steps will appear in front of users.

honor band 5

The previous generation of smart band 4 used color display screen. It did not give full play to the advantages of color display screen. It does not have multiple dial styles. The new Band 5 offered more than 40 dial styles. When using it for the first time, you need to download the dial in HUAWEI Sports Health App. Different dials carry different amounts of information. Some are as simple as displaying only time, and others are as rich as displaying all functions. What they have in common is to highlight the time. Due to the limited screen size, it is difficult for users to see all the information at a glance. Display time is the most basic function.

What can Band 5 do?

As an auxiliary device of mobile phones, the purpose of buying smart bands is not to look at the time. The early smart band can only realize the simple functions . Such as unlocking the mobile phone and notifying the vibration. With the development of the industry, smart bands become more powerful.

honor band

Notice Content Visualization

Band 5 has a 0.95-inch AMOLED screen that can display many characters on one screen. All apps on Android support band push notices. The content of short messages, incoming calls, etc. is clear at a glance through color identification. The interaction of smart bands is one-way. It is only responsible for receiving information and cannot transmit and send information. You need to take out your mobile phone when you encounter the necessary information.

Blood Oxygen Detection

Bands have some independent functions. They include heart rate monitoring, exercise assistance, sleep recording, etc. Band 5 has added a new blood oxygen detection function on this basis. It has intelligent measurement of blood oxygen saturation SpO2. It can detect blood oxygen value at any time. The elderly, high-intensity mental workers and snoring users should pay more attention to their blood oxygen.

Whether Band 5 is suitable for oneself or not needs consumers to experience it themselves.