Google Cloud Shares its Space with Nvidia’s Ampere GPU

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NVIDIA’s Data Center and A100 Tensor Core GPU are now easily available at Google Cloud storage. As the name suggests, the GPUs are only designed for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes. Including that, it is also used for data analytics and high-performance computing solutions. 

With the help of Google Cloud storage technology, people can easily download the latest services related to software and even hardware. This will help them to get a clear idea about the innovation of AI. Along with that, you get to learn about scientific computing workloads as well. 

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture: A Brief Overview

Scientists and engineers of this modern world are working day and night on the most important big data challenges. They have adopted AI and HPC (High-Performance Computing). The Ampere Architecture is specially designed for the purpose of innovative elastic computing that will provide superb acceleration in everyday work. 

What’s Going on at Cloud Data Centers?

Inside the Google Cloud Data Centers, users will be able to get a blazing performance over all the previous versions of GPU. NVIDIA stated that the A100 will deliver the performance speed of 20x much faster than all other GPUs in the world. The processing clock rates of those performances are 19.5 TeraFlops in a single-precision and 156 TeraFlops on double-precision (32 workloads).

Breakthrough Performance in Google Cloud

NVIDIA A2 VM is performing at different levels. It also triggers the workload performance via CUDA-enabled ML (Machine Learning) training and user interface. In addition to that, data analytics and high-level computational processes are also carried on through Google Cloud. 

In the case of huge workloads, Google’s own computation engine also allows the customers to have a spectacular performance. It has 16 A100 GPUs that come with 640 GigaBytes of memory. 

With the collaboration of NVIDIA  A100, Google is going to launch its Kubernetes engine. It is also an AI cloud platform that will link up with the other Google Cloud service. Thus, the entire package is highly appealing, making Google Cloud the first cloud service provider, in the world, with the latest NVIDIA GPU.