Funny Employee Awards for Your Workplace

Employees are the building blocks for a company’s success and progress. Undoubtedly, employees deserve recognition and acknowledgment for the hard work and effort they put in. One way to give back to them is by arranging funny employee awards.

Funny employee awards are a great, fun way of employee recognition. They can boost employee morale and productivity and lift employees’ moods. It’s a great idea to hand these awards on special occasions such as work anniversaries, employees’ birthdays, Christmas or new year, etc. Funny employee awards can be based on your employees’ personalities, daily routine, or work personality.

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What are Employee Awards

Employee awards are for employee recognition, be it formal or informal. It acknowledges the employees’ behavior, contribution, dedication, and effort. Employees and their hard work are the foundation of any company’s success. When employees help retain and achieve the company’s values, goals, and objectives- it is only fitting to give something back to them.

Why Employee Recognition Awards are Important

The gesture behind employee awards extends beyond monetary rewards or simple gifts. When employee rewards are correctly curated, they can help strengthen the bond among employees and boost their work ethics.

Employee recognition rewards or awards let the employees know that their dedication, effort, and hard work are recognized and appreciated. It motivates them and improves their productivity. It also boosts employee retention rate. Moreover, it creates healthy competition among colleagues and a positive, mutually helpful work environment.

You can arrange programs on special days or occasions to hand out the awards and rewards. It can be on an office holiday program, a milestone for your company, or the start of a year. If you want to make your employees feel more special and valued, you can present them with an employee award on their birthday.

Some may deem celebrating birthdays at the workplace to be childish or unprofessional- but it is actually a great way to boost employee morale. Employees feel extra appreciated when their colleagues and bosses celebrate their birthdays! Gifting a custom funny award on their birthdays is undoubtedly a great way to celebrate it.

Funny Employee Awards

You may now be wondering what some excellent and innovative funny awards you can present to your employees/colleagues are. Worry not; we have listed out some excellent ideas for you. Read below!

1.   Personality based

What better way to make someone feel special than acknowledging their unique personality traits? Here are some personality-based funny employee awards-

  • The Fashionista: No matter what time it is, how the weather is- one employee always shows up looking polished and ready to walk on the runway. They can give the best outfit ideas and fashion advice. Make a crest for them that has designs of lipsticks, dresses, shoes, or something similar!
  • Walking Encyclopedia: Whatever the topic of conversation is, there is always this one employee who surprisingly has something informative to add. They tend to keep tabs on almost everything, whether surface-level information or a shocking revelation!
  • The Private Concert: Every office has that one employee who is obsessed with music. They listen to almost any genre, keep up-to-date with all the latest music, and usually have fantastic music to suggest. They may or may not be good singers, but they don’t shy away from singing a chorus aloud randomly. The best way to award them is with a crest shaped like a mic.
  • Travelling Medic: For the one employee who is the designated office doctor. They can help with almost any minor medical emergency. Be it suggesting you a good over-the-counter (OTC) medicine or handing you meds for a quick solution. A fun way to award them is to get an affordable stethoscope- so relevant and ironic!
  • The Office Mom/Dad: Let’s be honest, we all have that one employee/coworker who cares for everything and everyone like a protective parent. You can go to them with any work or personal issue, and they will provide insightful advice. In the least, they will be there to listen to you attentively and boost your confidence. They may or may not be in HR or the highest positions, but you can count on them.

2.   Daily Routine Based Award

Habits die hard. A great way to make employees or colleagues feel acknowledged is to award them based on their daily routines or habits. Here are a few ideas-

  • Coffee Bestie: This award is for the biggest coffee lover in the office. Whenever you see them, they’re either talking about coffee, having coffee, or talking about grabbing another fresh cup of coffee. There’s always a coffee cup on their desk or in their hands, and they keep tabs on the newest and best coffee shops in town. Nothing will be better than giving them a coffee maker; you can even engrave your company’s name and a cool title on it to personalize!
  • The Early Bird: We have not figured out how they do it- but there is at least one employee who’s almost always the first one to attend office or meetings. Traffic, bad weather, commute problems, nothing seems to stop them. And honestly, some of us are a little bit jealous! An award will let them know you notice and appreciate all their effort and dedication.
  • The “5 More Minutes”: This award is for the employee who’s often late- be it late to show up at work, late to join meetings, or submit work. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re slacking or causing trouble for the rest of the employees. The award lets them know that you appreciate their effort to keep up, even if it’s hard for them. They will surely get a boost of enthusiasm and confidence!
  • Interior Decorator: This award goes to the one with intricate interior design skills. No matter the occasion or festival, they always come up with the most incredible, most exciting ideas to brighten up the office space. And on a daily basis? While our desks look messy with files and stuff piled up, their desks look straight out of a Pinterest board!
  • The Bob the Builder/Honorary Mechanic: Who is the employee you always run to when you have a hardware or software malfunction? Yeah, we know you are thinking of that one person! They’re so good with electronics or computers that we can’t help but be impressed. Let them know you appreciate their help!

3.   Work-related

Looking for work-related funny award ideas for your employees or colleagues? Here are a few ideas-

  • The Light Bulb: This award is for the employee always walking around with a million ideas in their brain. Their creativity is impressive, and they’re always quick on their feet. No matter the issue or problem, they are almost always ahead of the rest and come up with a great solution. Let them know you appreciate their ability to solve challenging issues and their creativity!
  • The Multitasker: Kudos to the one employee who can look after multiple things at once. From handling multiple projects to contributing and helping others with their work, the multitasking one always comes through. This award shows the multitasker how proud you are of them and how much everyone appreciates their help!
  • The Event Planner: Do you have that one employee who’s always excited to celebrate all events or festivals? They can plan and organize the best events. Pairing up with ‘The Interior Decorator’ of the office, they can transform the office space into a wonderland. A reward will let them know we appreciate their energy and enthusiasm.
  • The People Whisperer: This award is best suited for the operations or HR staff/coordinators. If there is any conflict, any trouble, they can handle it like no other. They keep the place running smoothly- so don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate that!
  • The Questionnaire: Thanks to the employee who asks a billion questions, so the introverts don’t have to. They’re always fearless and enthusiastic, trying to get to know more and understand better. Award them to let them know how much you appreciate their enthusiasm and participation.

Bottom Line

Employees deserve so much appreciation and recognition for all the hard work. Their ideas, creativity, and efforts are what make the company thrive. So, it is a great way to make them feel acknowledged and appreciated by rewarding them with funny employee awards.

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1.Do rewards motivate employees?

Yes, rewards increase employees’ work enthusiasm and productivity. It also builds team-bond and promotes healthy competition among employees.

2. How can I help my employee who is struggling?

You can help struggling employees by acknowledging and appreciating them. It can be a verbal confirmation, a written email, a reward or award, or a day off. Let them know you acknowledge their struggle and appreciate their effort despite those hardships. These actions can help boost their confidence.

3. Can employee awards create competition at the workplace?

Yes, employee awards can create competition at the workplace. However, if you can conduct and motivate your employees properly, the outcome is almost always a healthy competition. Employees can even create great team bonding.

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