6 facts to remember for ghost hunting

ghost hunting

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Ghost hunting is a method of investigating multiple locations to find ghosts. Interests in the paranormal world make people consider the idea of visiting the areas reportedly haunted by a ghost. Electronic and social media have further incited the curiosity of humans in spirits and ghosts. It is now easier to keep ourselves safe, record, and capture any paranormal activity with modern technology. Several equipment types are in the market that can detect any mysterious beings through electromagnetic and ultrasonic radiations. All this has affirmed such creatures around us. However, ghost hunting should never be considered a subject of casual amusement. Interfering with other worlds and societies can make you appear hostage. They can start an act of revenge against you.

However, if you want to go ghost hunting, always pre-plan everything and equip yourself with all the necessary gadgets and safety tools. Check out the following things you need to consider before you go for a ghost hunt.

Never Go Alone:

Ghosts are usually not in places socialized by humans. You have to go to deserted places, remote castles, or forests. So, it would be best if you never try to go to these places on your own. Paranormal creatures get to control a single person more quickly than a group of people.

Even if there is no paranormal activity, there can be a lot of other possibilities. For example, there is a high chance that these places are a den of some terrorists who have spread rumors to avoid people reaching their location. Moreover, you can get in a life-threatening accident when you are a long way from help. So, never try to visit far off or deserted places on your own.

Know Your Place:

Many people think that historical buildings, graveyards, and churches are the only haunted places. So, they always target them while going ghost hunting. However, know that there are a lot of other locations from which people observed mysterious activities. It can be an old deserted house, a castle or a garage in a forest, or even a mysterious building in the center of some far off village. Most towns and villages usually have a history of spooky buildings with many rumors of ghosts and spirits haunting them. Before going to that place, meet local people and know all the things. Investigate all about the area before making a formal visit. It would help you a lot in making preparations and taking relative safety precautions.

Take All The Necessary Equipment:

While you hunt for the ghosts, you must want to collect some shreds of evidence for later. Moreover, you should also have all the essential items for your safety that are readily accessible. Have an adequate supply of all the necessary ghost hunting equipment</a> before you embark upon a ghost hunting adventure. SpiritShack is the best place to pick up what you need. embark upon a ghost hunting adventure.

If you are going to have serious paranormal research, you need to capture even the slightest change in the surrounding. Your mobile camera and video recorder may be useful for some necessary investigations. Still, they are of no use for high-quality recordings. You need to invest in some more sophisticated devices to do a high level and continuous research about ghosts. Moreover, a tape recorder with a sensitive microphone and high-quality DSLR are recommended tools.

Prepare carefully and be prepared for the worst:

Depending on your location and the time of year, you should pack waterproof and warm clothes. Moreover, always tie your hair and better cover them with some hat or scarf having no loose ends. Wearing a headlamp to light your way is always recommended. Always keep more than one high power torch with you. Have thorough research about the entities involved. Reporters often tell that some entities are capable of draining a fully charged device completely. So, always have multiple batteries as a backup. Also, make sure to set the camera to quickly have various burst shots as soon as you press the button. Otherwise, you may miss your only evidence.

Hunting for ghosts is the same as invading their territory. And what you get in response to invasion? A counter-attack, of course. Be prepared for the worst response by these mysterious creatures when they find you hostile. Some reporters also tell about the playback of their terrifying past events and their fears instead of seeing spirits. However, as soon as they get out of the place, they are no more in that situation. Some reporters said that the ghosts tried to communicate with them in a very creepy and warning tone. Think about how you are going to respond in this scenario. Preset your mind for every possibility, so you make a conscious move on the spot.

Know The Type Of Ghost You Are Expecting To Encounter:

Paranormal investigators classify ghosts into different types. You need to understand their difference to deal with them better. Here are the two basic types:

  1. Some of them are spirits that were humans at some points in their life. They are strangled on earth for some reason. These spirits can sometimes be angry, but usually, they are harmless. They have all the human emotions. You can talk to them and deal with them emotionally.
  2. Another type of spirit is the opposite of one described before. They are very dangerous and have supernatural powers. Usually, they get furious at any interruption to their lives. Always avoid such places that have the chance of their presence.

Talk to the spirits

As you enter the place, say some prayers and talk to the spirits. Tell them that you have a friendly relation and mean no harm. Ask their permission to take a picture of themselves and their premises. It is the same as entering some human house. Behave respectfully. Invite them to come in photos with you and give you a chance to explore their lives. Thank them if they allow. Make every move slowly and tell them all about your tools. Ghosts from a century back may be unaware of modern tools and may consider them some deadly weapons.

Never touch any object or take any with you. Never disturb anything happening. Be a silent observer. Always thank them for having you before leaving and request them not to follow you.


Ghost hunting is no joke. So, before you embark on a mission, prepare well, and do thorough research. Moreover, have all the necessary equipment before you proceed. Ensure you do not make the spirits angry otherwise, they may come after you to return the favor. And remember, always say prayers all the time to protect you from the attack.