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The 21st Century is all about shifting from analog to digital. We, as humans, are moving to a more advanced era. This digital world of ours has given us technologies that have eased our lives: internet, smart devices, and computers. Almost everything is now moving to internet, from toddler’s education to the defense system, all operated digitally.

Moreover, businesses have shifted themselves to social media and other online platforms. Every company has its website to deliver its product and services to its customers efficiently. The website has many advantages like direct customer insights, tailoring a message, cost cut, market expansion, and many more. Where websites have made the business communication to its customer effective, there also exists one complication, how to handle its viewers?

Website traffic means the number of visitors engaging on a website. Website traffic plays a significant role in the success of gaining traffic. A higher number of visitors means more popularity, which increases the probability of an increase in the revenue of the business. Website traffic is one of the significant merits to check its popularity. As website traffic stands for its importance in gaining customers, it has become the need of every business. In today’s world, there are thousands of companies operating online to find a competitive edge and stand out from others. As it plays a crucial role in increasing sales and gaining leads on competitors. There are many ways to improve your website traffic, such as; paid advertisement, search engine optimization, referral traffic, long-tail keyword, e-mail marketing, and guest blogging. However, the golden rule besides everything is that your first blog post idea should be unique.

Paid Advertisement

One of the most common ways to increase the traffic of your website is either by paid advertisement or organic. It can be done through paid search, social media advertising, and display advertisement. In paid search, Google, Bingo, and other browsers allow your promotion due to the search engine. Paid search works on a pay per click policy. Social Media advertisement means paying social media for displaying your ads, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook is one of the most popular and visited a website which comes with human-friendly experience. The person can post an ad in any format such as a banner ad, page post ad, and in Newsfeed. In twitter, you can post an advertisement in organic tweets with the hashtag and links. However, paid to advertise is expensive, so plan your way discreetly before investing. It is required to learn about the platform, its followers, the channels, and the content type before investing in online ads.

On-Page SEO

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It allows you to gain visitors to the website.

However, search engine optimization can be very tricky. If you use search engine optimization with all your wits, you can post an unpaid ad with the qualities held by a paid ad. These are organic ads that are free of cost as it requires certain tricks. Optimizing the search engine correctly includes; highlighting all title tags, meta descriptions, or taking the right length in pointing internal links. The question occurs; does your URL structure optimizes search engine? If not, then you can optimize yourself by on-page search engine optimization with the SEO audit.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a handy tool to boost your traffic and has been preferred since the 2000s. About 60% of marketers say that e-mail marketing brings the most return on investment. E-mail marketing is insanely effective if done in the right direction. For effective e-mail marketing, the e-mail list is most important. The larger the e-mail list is equal to the more extensive traffic to a website. Now the question is; how to increase your e-mail list? Well, to do that, you need to start with sign up forms. Sign up form should be short and easy to find, or you can also use pop-ups or embedded posts. With this, delivering e-mail to your customers, visitors, or followers becomes easier than pressing a button. However, you don’t need to bombard people with your every single update in business. Nowadays, people have also been subjected to Newsletters and Subscriptions as lead by the most famous brands, e.g., Zara and H&M.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging works for both parties. It gives mutual benefit to both guest posting on his blog and the website that is posting. Writing a guest post on your website brings the traffic of blogs on your site. It also helps you to be open up to the new audience. However, you need to handle your blog post very carefully. You can also invite other people to blog on your website guest blog. These people are likely to share with their guests, which will bring more audiences.


Referral Trafficking

Referral traffic is when a visitor is redirected to your site from another site without searching on the search engine. When someone accessed the link on a website and referred to another site, Google Analytics tracks it as a referral visitor. Referral traffic has its importance because it does not just increase your traffic but also brings a potential customer. It opens up your content to a new person and gives you a chance to convert that visitor into your sales. Referral traffic also gives you a favorable ranking by Google because of this link. So you need to generate more referral traffic by publishing your website to online directories and publishing your website to critics and review boards.


– Publishing Website To Online Directories

One of the easiest ways is to publish your website to your related industry directories or generates the most traffic. After submitting your website to the top directory of the relevant industry, the directory search begins that generate the most traffic. However, the top of the search engine directories usually generates high traffic.


– Publishing On A Review Website

Getting your website on a review website can increase your traffic. These visitors are going through all of the buyer’s journey stage and are now on the decision stage. A review website allows a potential buyer to compare products or vendors to make a decision.


Long-Tail Keywords

After covering a high-intent and popular keyword, you need to move on to a long-tail keyword. A long-tail keyword is a brand of SEO; they are longer than tags; hence they are more specific. Their most common use is for niche markets used in Google suggestions or Google related searches. The most beneficial point of LTKs is their intense capacity to catch more traffic.


You can increase your website traffic with an effective marketing plan which requires planning, organizing, and search tools. Design a plan in a way that does not leave any domain of the customers. The marketing strategy and content should relate to your potential customers and be strong enough to attract and satisfy them. However, above are a few listed and proven tactics to generate website traffic, but there are many more ways to increase your website traffic.