Customer Acquisition eCommerce Strategies

No business will exist without the presence of customers. For the eCommerce businesses to running successfully, acquiring new customers every month is very important in building a solid customer base that you will learn more about here.

But, doing so can be a bit challenging.  In this post, we are going to learn more about the best customer acquisition strategies.

What’s Customer Acquisition eCommerce Techniques? 

The customer acquisition eCommerce is a process to get new customers for the eCommerce shop. Any costs involved to get the new customers will be measured by the metric known as Customer Acquisition Costs. So, when you’re preparing to market strategy, it is important to ensure that CAC is not very high. The marketing channels having the lowest CAC must be used for generating maximum profits.

Improve Your Product Pages

The high-quality of product pages are important to the eCommerce customer acquisition. Also, your customers must find the right information that they want and quickly. People are a bit lazy. And simple layouts are quite easy to process. Certain social elements such as customer reviews & trust ratings will help them as 82% of the consumers say that user-generated reviews have become highly valuable than the information from any brand. In addition, users are likely to trust the reviews from the peers and generating an uplift in their sales.

Include Live Chat & Support Options

Do you know people prefer help when they are shopping? When they want any kind of help, they want them immediately? For this reason, consumers online like to have live chat.

The live chat tool does not just help this customer, but it also helps you! The good tool can tell you exactly what pages the customer is on so you come to know where the head is before starting to talk with them. Also, you can save the lost conversion just by jumping into support when it appears they are trying to get the information on the page for very long.

Consider Drip Email Marketing

Drip email marketing also is the automated email marketing strategy where the series of emails will be triggered depending on the customer’s behavior. For instance, when the customer signs up, the email gets sent to welcome their customer. In the same way, when they leave any products in the cart for a long, an email will be triggered and asking them to finish the purchase. The drip email strategies are very useful to generate maximum sales & keeping their customers very happy.

Use short-term & long-term methods 

You must distinguish between short-term CA & long-term ones.

Looking at the short-term methods:

  • Send the flyer for the business introduction to friends & family.
  • Do 50 dollar promo on Facebook that brings first, 2 to 3 customers.
  • Keep old content fresh for Google

You can save the old content pieces, which you have invested a lot of money and time into. The thing is old content will get buried by new content on the website & gets downgraded because of age. Updating and republishing 3 to 5 months old articles will add some points to it your search engine ranks.


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