Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Home Project

Best Tiles For Your Home Project

Tiles are an amazing material that can effortlessly transform the whole aesthetic of your home. They are amazingly low cost and feature excellent colors, patterns, textures, sizes, and shapes. As a result, any kind of home with any type of requirements can be fulfilled with the help of tiles. Your kitchen backsplash, the floor of a summer home, bathroom, powder room, walk-in closet even your entire house can receive the benefit from tiles. This phenomenon has made tiles a huge part of any remodeling project. Although, one can easily get overwhelmed with the available tiling options they can get. So, for our readers, we would like to break out some simple procedures to choose the best tiling options for their home. Stay with us if you have faced this problem or are thinking of remodeling your house soon.

The Primary Considerations

Choosing your tiles highly depends upon your budget. There are a lot of tiling options that highly vary in cost depending upon the quality of materials,  color palette, patterns, and textures. Also, you need to consider your sense of style and how you need the space to function. Also, a lousy tiling job can easily ruin the whole beauty of the space and make it look clumsy and suffocating. Therefore, you need to consider installation costs as well. With all these decisions in mind, you go for the best products that you can afford which will satisfy all your requirements.

Traffic-ready Tiles

Your tiles are the protective coat between you and your house’s foundation. Therefore, do not choose a tile that can get scratched or chipped. Moreover, you need a tile material that is waterproof and resist darts, and other harmful materials seep through the material. So, know the requirements of the space and choose your tiles. For example, your swimming pool, washroom, and shower come in direct contact with water. So, a highly water-resistant tile should be installed there. In the kitchen, heat and fumes also appear as well as water content. So, the tiles in the kitchen should be heat resistant and easily cleanable as well. If you want to build a dance floor, choose a material that won’t get scratched easily, like natural stone. Know your traffic and the requirements of the space. And you’ll be golden.

Variation in Material

The material variation in tiles can be a huge factor and can uphold your choice and the vibe of a room effortlessly. Larger, slab-style marble tiles can bring out a contemporary look for your room. You can install cement tiles with texture to bring out a rustic style welcoming vibe. Metal tiles can easily give your bachelor pad a rough and tough vibe. You can also find leather tiles to make your room look cozy. However, leather tiles are not suitable for places where dampness is an issue.

Follow the Trends or Not

Tiles have been used for centuries and can mimic the look of almost any material. Therefore, we can achieve any look with the help of tiles and get tons of ideas by surfing on the internet. You can either follow the recent trendy designs for decorating your room with tiles or can revive a classic tile design as per your taste. However, if you plan to sell your house within 5 – 10 years, consider getting a modern design. It will increase the value of your property significantly. If you want to get some traditional design, black and white basketweave or subway tiles can be the safer bet for you.

Sizes and Scale

Space, where you are installing the tiles can be pretty crucial to decorate your room. In smaller spaces, larger size tiles can make it look bigger. While in a multipurpose room, a combination of different sizes of tiles with the same color and pattern can break it down into utilizable spaces.

Consider Shelf Life

Shelf life is another important factor while choosing your tiles. If you choose an uncommon color, it may not be available in the near future. However, a common color like white, gray, black has a much longer shelf life. You can mix up brighter colors with neutral colors for dramatic effect as well.

Choosing the best tile for your home is never easy. You can get easily overwhelmed by the variety of sizes and colors. You need to consider your comfort as well as the eye-catching design. Also, make sure your tiles are slip-free. Otherwise, you can cause an accident with the greatly designed floor you have. And, consider the above-mentioned factors as well, to choose the right kind of tile for your home. Design and aesthetics are important, so are your comfort and functionality. When you successfully combine both of them, you can only get the tiles best suited for your home.

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