Can you use Avast SecureLine VPN With Netflix In 2020?

Widely used throughout the world and much loved for providing top quality content, Netflix has over the past few years taken the entertainment industry by storm. However, just because you are using it in one country, does not mean that you get the same service should you ever use it in a different region of the world. This is because the TV streaming service have different licenses in place with the content owners that means certain movies or TV series can be aired in country A but not in country B.

Some users of the service try to get around this problem by using a VPN service. This works by redirecting the Internet connection of the device (Smart TV, Laptop, Tablet, Cell phone etc.) that you are using through a private server that is owned by the VPN rather than the standard Internet Service Provider (ISP) that it typically does. Any and all data that comes from your device to the Internet now does so from the VPN instead. This can trick some websites and online servers into thinking you are geographically located somewhere that you are not.

However, Netflix have become wise to this tactic and so took the step to block all devices that are connected to their content via a VPN service. You can learn more at Privacy Spark about how they do this and what the VPNs, such as Avast SecureLine, are doing to try and get around this problem. Despite their best efforts, there has only really been one company that has been successful in beating Netflix in allowing users to use a VPN in order to access the content that they provide to users all over the world. 

This is a company called ExpressVPN. They have been successful because they are a large company that is highly dedicated in solving this problem for Netflix users. To give their service a try, simply access one of their servers, then open up your Netflix account and see if their service works. If it is unsuccessful, all you need to do is try another one of the company’s many different servers and see if that one works instead. Because they have such good connection speeds you should never experience any buffering when using their service.

Compared with other, less successful VPN companies, ExpressVPN stack up pretty well price wise. They charge just less than $10 per month for their service and you can get this even cheaper if you go ahead and decide to pay annually instead – $100 for the year.  Today when you use an ExpressVPN coupon, the annual plan usually reduces to 20-30% of it’s original price per month (others may offer much higher deals and even free months of use). You’ll never have to pay full price when you grab and use this coupon when purchasing their VPN service. What makes it even better is that you can try their service for 30 days and if you are not satisfied during that time, you can get your money completely back with no questions asked.