Can Vpn Increase Internet Speed?

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Finding an online essay service corresponding to your preferences is not easy. Luckily, today, it’s much easier to protect your private details and ensure security for your computer when you’re searching for the suitable service online. You just need to use VPN to achieve this goal. Yet, students also need a fast internet connection to browse through the websites quickly and be able to compare them in a matter of minutes.

Urgency demands that you get faster services to fulfill certain time-sensitive needs. If you are working online, you need to get access to specific sites faster so that you can reply to those customer questions. Or give solutions where possible. This can only work if your internet speed is top-notch. For those who already have the problem of internet speed and are wondering whether VPN can increase it, here is your answer.

Can VPN Increase Internet Speed? VPN is ideal when it comes to boosting your internet speed. This is because it can bypass various servers, filters and bandwidth restricted by your Internet service provider. You ISP is unable to track your activities online hence less traffic. Read through this article to get more about this.

Can VPN Increase Internet Speed?

Slow connections don’t hit at your free browsing time or while watching for leisure on your iptv vpn . You experience that at a critical moment. Maybe you were uploading your assignment or application at the deadline minute. The internet becomes slow. What do you do?

Faster internet speeds are a desire for every person browsing. That is why internet service providers have moved from 2g to 3g to 4g and now boom! 5g. reason being the need for faster internet speeds.

However, sometimes you might experience slow internet connection due to many factors like bandwidth throttling and network overload. This is the moment you switch on your VPN. But the question is will it be up to the task?

Commonly, VPNs have a slight speed error to normal internet. This means they slow the network a bit once it connects.

Yes, it can. Sometimes, a VPN can boost your net speed by bypassing various servers, filters, and bandwidth restricted by your ISP. This depending on the data routing, the faster the server the faster the internet connection.

How does a VPN boost normal internet speed?

Most consumers know a VPN as a security and privacy assurance tool. Few know that it has another vital use on your internet speed. Most studies have shown reports of people reporting improved speeds after using VPN.

Some ISPs have brought fast lanes to the limelight. They do a thorough inspection of your traffic by throttling it. As a result, they can slow down your internet connection based on different conditions.

They might be slowing HD streaming and blocking torrent use, restricting certain websites and large file downloading. That is the reason sometimes you could be experiencing slow internet connections.

What a VPN does encrypts your traffic by hiding your IP address and online activity.

This prevents your Internet service provider from seeing your actions. If they can’t monitor you it means they will be unable to see your activity they won’t identify your activity.

They won’t have your traffic nor way of throttling your timeline. Without watching you, your VPN can help you bypass various servers and firewalls hence increasing your internet speed.

Furthermore, another way that a VPN can increase speed is through breaking the sequence of an inefficient ISP routing. In the interest of ISPs to give their clients a nice browsing experience, they don’t send your activity through the most proficient route available.

The VPN discontinuities this chain. This is through whacking your traffic from where it originates and its destination. Through this, your internet swiftness could be advanced.

Lastly, a VPN can stop internet buffering. Buffering is an annoying situation that slows down the connection. However, this depends if the origin of the trouble is bandwidth throttling or ISP routing. We have seen a VPN can aid in halting that irritating sequence.

Therefore, a VPN can evade throttled sites and prevent actions like heavy streaming. This is because the VPNs have security encryption. The encryption will block the ISP from monitoring which server the consumer is connecting with.

Can You Use VPN To Enhance Speed?

VPN To Enhance Speed

Well after looking into that we have a final most essential part. You have a VPN and you want to boost your speed. How do you do it? Let’s know-how.

Connect to A Nearby Server.

Servers are located at different geographical distances from your location. cct. Switch to a server near to you so that you reduce the distance your traffic needs to travel.

You can also choose a different server in case the one you are connected to does not give desired results. There are numerous servers as providers don’t restrict servers worldwide. Even while choosing different server choose from nearest to furthest

Avoid Overloaded Servers

VPNs display the member usage load to their clients. Try and locate a server that is neither full nor almost fully packed. High-demand servers won’t have your problem solved because they will increase latency. A lowly used server even if it is far away, can increase your normal internet speed rapidly.

You have to switch servers here and there while checking your speedometer to see which works well for you.

Change Protocol

Providers use a variety of protocols to keep your connection healthy and secure. However, most protocols lean on security much leaving the performance slow. An open VPN protocol is the best and is used by most commercial providers.

Modify Protocol Settings

Adjust the UDP and TCP settings to a figure commonly used for fast internet. However, if the affected network is unstable use UDP because it is faster.

Also, try modifying the port you are using. The most common port is 80, 8080. Switch to port 443. ISPs rarely throttle this port.

Ensure your VPN is up to date and shortly disable firewall and antivirus. Sometimes they can affect VPN performance.


It is no longer a question of can a VPN increase the internet speed? The answer is yes. A VPN can bypass ISP’s sharp throttling eye to give you infinite online possibilities by enhancing your internet speed. Knowing how to use your VPN to boost speed will help you in knowing what to do when this annoying moment occurs.