How Call Quality Assurance Monitoring In Your Contact Center Can Lead to Better Customer Experience

How Call Quality Assurance Monitoring In Your Contact Center Can Lead to Better Customer Experience

How Call Quality Assurance Monitoring In Your Contact Center Can Lead to Better Customer Experience

Call recording is mandatory for call centers. However, call recording isn’t enough to help to improve customer experience in the call center.

If you want a better customer experience, try to use call QA.

Call Quality Assurance Monitoring 

Quality assurance monitoring is a practice of ensuring specific standards and level of quality in your call center. Following those practices allow you to provide the customer with the best experience.

While it seems debatable what quality means, metrics help you to decide your level of success.

If you have many calls that convert, that means you are providing a good customer experience.

Today, there are various metrics and KPIs to ensure that your call center works. Also, there are laws and regulations to follow, and specific practices as well.

Together, they bring what you call a good customer experience. But, before you decide to try CallCabinet quality assurance, let’s review what customer experience means.

Call Center Customer Experience 

Call Center Customer Experience

People contact call centers to get more information about specific issues. Maybe they need info about work hours, products, or need advice.

When they call the call center, the last they want is a rude or unresponsive agent. Agents train to have the right tone with the callers and have patience when dealing with them.

Also, workflows are what annoy callers the most. Callers don’t want to wait for their information or the response of the agent.

Finally, callers want protection. Whether you are into commerce, finance, or another industry, callers want safety when disclosing sensitive info.

Unresponsive Agents 

Operating a call center with a lot of employees takes a lot of effort. While you use call recording to track calls, you lack data to evaluate the agent’s work.

Another problem with agents lies in reliance on staple metrics. If your primary metric is several calls, you are missing a lot of data.

To get the quota, an agent may do “empty calls” or call without any desire to achieve profit. While they work for you, maybe they are there for the salary.

Your goal is customer experience. And, you can ascertain their level of work through quality assurance.

Workflow and Protocols 

Another thing you want to check is your call center protocols and workflows. Sometimes, a call center may have excellent agents but poor workflow.

Workflow is a set of operations and procedures call center employee performs when taking a call.

A workflow may consist of the following operations. When a customer calls, they first go through an operator.

Then, they proceed to an agent or a specific employee in the company. For customers, a good experience is fast and insightful.

They get the information they need, and that’s all they want to get. Give customers that in the least number of steps, and they are yours for life.

Compliance Issues 

Finally, there are compliance issues. The compliance issues may come from not respecting laws and regulations.

Today, there are additional complications with data laws. There are specific laws to follow for each industry.

For example, collecting data isn’t the same in health and finance. In finance, you need a specific call recording integration that omits CVV and credit card numbers.

So, before you do anything with your call center, make sure that you are compliant with local and federal laws.

Improve Call Center Customer Experience 

While these were some of the usual customer experience problems, these are the problems you can fix.

To make things better, all the solutions you need are coming with the CallCabinet integration. With advanced analytics, agent evaluation, and automatic compliance, you can improve any call center.

Advanced Analytics 

CallCabinet provides you with advanced analytics. These analytics include AI-powered solutions like speech-to-text transcription, natural language processing, and speech recognition.

If you avoid the technical jargon, this means that the analytics analyze speech to the fullest extent. Anything from how specific keywords appear to the conversation to the words that raise emotion out of customer – Advanced analytics give you all that insight.

Find out what your customers like to hear and how they want your agents to talk. Share the data with your agents and provide customers with an excellent experience.

Agent Evaluation 

Agent Valuation

Next up is agent evaluation. While analytics are excellent tools, agent evaluation is more valuable to call centers.

Agent evaluation is a set of tools and practice that helps you to evaluate the agent’s ability.

Custom reports help you to evaluate agent’s skills, performance, and compliance.

Also, reports come with pre-made forms you can use, or you can create your form. There are KPIs with CallCabinet’s recommendation. However, you can use KPIs relevant to your business.

Check the data every month. Follow the metrics and improve the customer experience for your call center.


The last thing you need is compliance. Staying on top of the laws like GDPR in Europe or federal laws in the United States takes effort.

The fact that you need a lawyer and an IT technician, you have to follow the trends. Instead of investing too much effort in compliance, use the CallCabinet solution.

CallCabinet integrations are compliant with all regulations and data laws. Updates of the integrations are regular, and you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Together, all these features help you to create a better customer experience.

Employing analytics with call recording and evaluating agents help you to improve your call center.

Try Call Quality Assurance Monitoring 

Call quality assurance monitoring gives you the tool to help your customers. Also, it gives you the tools to help your agents improve.

It’s due to the advanced analytics and the power of data. Use them together and ensure that customers that call you become your regular customers.