24 OR 27 Inch Gaming Monitor – What is The Best Monitor Size For Gaming

Choosing the right monitor for gaming is always difficult. And it becomes more difficult if we find a variety of monitors in the market. The most common confusions in which we get involved are about size and prices. Not everyone is able to choose the right monitor. The reason behind this is we don’t get enough knowledge before buying. And we realize later that our decision was wrong. It would be better if you will get all the necessary info about the size of the monitor.

We all think a 24 or 27-inch gaming monitor would be better or should we buy the expensive or cheap one? And due to these questions, we are unable to make any firm decisions. If the same thing is happening to you then you are in the right place. Because all the necessary info is available in the following article.

So, without wasting precious time, why don’t we take a start?


Many people don’t know the correct way of measuring the monitor size. Some people think that it can be measured horizontally while some think it can be measured vertically. But there is no reality in this. We should measure the size of the monitor just like that of TV. This means the size of the monitors is measured diagonally.

You can measure from one corner to the opposite corner of the screen. In this way, you will come to know about the exact size of the screen. Avoid including bezels and side panels while measuring the size of the screen.

If we talk about a 24 inch monitor then its height is 20.9 inches and its width is 117 inches. And we will get a viewing area of 245 Square inches. These measurements are pretty good. But the height of the 27-inch monitor is 23.5 inches and the width is 13.2 inches. In this way, we get an area of 310 Square inches.

When we compare the 27-inch monitor with the 24-inch monitor, we don’t see any huge difference. But the calculations written above are showing that there is a huge difference in the sizes of both the monitors. I think these calculations will prove to be extremely helpful for you. And you will be able to have the monitor of a suitable size.

Now, let’s have a check which monitor will prove to be best for us. A 24-inch or 27-inch gaming monitor?


We can call any monitor best based on size only. When it comes to gaming then there are many other features that must be considered. Therefore, the appropriate answer to this question is not possible. But don’t get worried because we will also add these features to our discussion. In this way, you will be able to get more knowledge. Also, you will be helped a lot in making the right decision.

Let’s have an eye on other necessary features that are important to check in the gaming monitor.


Every gamer desires to have smooth gaming experience. Therefore, the refresh rate must be above 60HZ. I know you are wondering what the refresh rate is. The number of times the monitor changes the images is called Refresh Rate. We all know that video is the combination of constant images that change multiple times in a second. And our mind becomes unable to differentiate between video and images. If the refresh rate will be lower than your game will become worse. The ideal refresh rates are 75/120/144HZ. You can have the monitor with a lower refresh rate but the results will not be good.


Response time and refresh rate are two different terms. Sometimes, we get confused with each other. Response time is the rate of changing colors of images by your monitor. It is not very important but when it comes to gaming then response time matters a lot. If the response time is 5ms then your monitor will take 5ms in switching from one color to another. If the response time is 1ms then the monitor will take 1ms in changing the color. And you will see a greater change in your game. Therefore, if you are buying a monitor for gaming then you should go for 1ms response time.


Here comes another important feature named resolution. Higher the resolution better will be your gaming experience. Because higher resolution provides images with more details. The monitors with full HD resolution, QHD, and so on are better for gaming needs. But don’t forget to check whether your monitor supports this resolution or not.

Remember that 1080 pixels resolution is enough for a 24-inch monitor. If you are choosing a 27-inch monitor then 1440 pixels resolution is also acceptable. Otherwise, change the resolution from settings. If the 27-inch monitor has a resolution lower than 1080 pixels then don’t go for it. If the resolution is not in accordance with the screen size then you will face the issues regarding pixels. In order to avoid this, go for the monitor having suitable resolution.

  • GPU

The capability of a GPU or video card is the most important thing that we have to consider. If your video card supports the refresh rate of 60 HZ then it’s useless to go for a refresh rate higher than this. Similarly, if it supports 1080 pixels resolution then don’t waste your money in buying the monitor with a resolution more than this.